ERP Software: It’s Time for Digitization in sales

  • 26 June 2019
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As technology has reached a whole new level, and automation becomes a reality, will the role of sales reps be replaced with automation? This is a humanoid robots era where automation is a part of everyday life. No doubt, these smart machines are more powerful at giving us answers much faster than humans, but are they more competent? Or, are they here to take away the job of salespeople? That’s what many salespeople worry about.

Stay Relevant with Time

The stereotype image of a salesperson dressed smartly is an image of a bygone era. Even interacting via phone and email is a thing of the passé. Why frame a long mail when you can have a quick conversion over Google Hangouts, Chatbots, Virtual Assistants or even Skype? Who needs to spend hours traveling when one can have an instant line of communication? The way to interact with each other is seamless. Thanks to automation, where practically everyone can converse better, break the silos of communication and collaborate better.

So nearly in every industry, the use of automation such as bringing in a robust ERP solution or CRM software or any other automation software does wonder. It also helps to amplify sales and free your sales department from repetitive drudgery to focus on more rewarding projects.

“Thinking ERP Software for Smarter Sales”

In the near future, automation will be everywhere — even if we have to scan employee information, screen customer records or perform any tasks on the retail outlet, Logistics, Chemical, Dairy, Pharma or any other industry.

Automation is becoming ubiquitous and it will soon become a kind of sixth sense. RP implementation is here to simplify the life of sales people and to enable the sales team to listen, understand, persuade and negotiate better.

ERP implementation Can Construct a New Sales Standards

By implementing an ERP software, sales people can set new sales standards as they can gain key insights, dive deep into details, customer records, and respond dynamically to the ever-changing customer buying patterns, market or customer demands. The technology can also provide the key guidance needed to consistently target the specific zone for successful sales journeys. Precisely, no reliance to dive deep on historical data, no time-consuming process, just constant and fruitful outcome.

So, the overall sales person that understand human complexities can use smart and enterprise-ready ERP as an enabler to beat the mundane tasks and work smarter in this digital era. It’s time to step out of the legacy mode and make the next move towards a smart era of sales.

Whether to go for automation or skip it altogether is a high decibel discussion. When the conversations turn to whether ERP implementation is best for salespeople, we win the race as we know the lives of sales rep can be much better with the smart and time-tested ERP software.

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