SAP Business ByDesign: What’s new in 20.8

  • 26 August 2020
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SAP ByD For Businesses

The latest version of SAP Business ByDesign 20.8 seems promising with new features onboard. Packed full of exciting features and enhancements, SAP Business 20.8 is going to be one of the highly anticipated releases after SAP Business ByDesign 20.5. 

Let us dive deeper into what all new features and capabilities have been offered in SAP Business ByDesign 20.8 to make it even more valuable to mid-sized and fast-growing companies. 

Customer Relationship Management

With this 20.08 release of SAP Business ByDesign, the marketing team can segment target groups. They can use reports and apply filters such as-

  1. Segmentation with transactional data
  2. Create dynamic target groups and report bookmarks
  3. Execute multiple campaigns wit greater ease

Insight to action 

With this release of SAP Business ByDesign you can easily classify customers and suppliers. There is no need to develop a custom analytical action using SDK. You can easily trigger action in the report. You can 

  1. Gain a comprehensive overview and insights
  2. Embed analytical actions
  3. Trigger action without any delay 

Extended sales quote forecasting 

With 20.08 version of SAP Business ByDesign, sales and service employees feel more empowered with keen insights and predict sales forecast easily. This fosters more accurate sales forecasting and helps you direct your efforts in the right direction. You can

  1. Search directly for the customer name
  2. See the document relations in the document flow
  3. Easily select the reference document type and document needed to support sales

Intelligent Supplier Invoice Scanning

Entering of supplier invoices can be a time-consuming job. It becomes even more challenging when you have to capture data manually from a paper invoice or PDF document. The new version of SAP Business ByDesign makes it easier. It enables you to-

  1. Simplified and more efficient way of processing supplier invoices in high quality
  2. TXT document is not needed anymore. You can make the process easier by just uploading PDF documents. 
  3. PDF Scanning is done using with the support of the machine-learning-based model.

Keep track of Obsolete Bill of Materials and Bill of Operations

Over time, certain bill-of-materials (BoMs) and bill of operations (BoOs) are not used or become obsolete over time. The new feature helps customers to gain a better overview of production master data, simplifies master data maintenance and 

  1. Set BoM Variant and BoO to ‘Obsolete’ which helps you ignore viewing any obsolete data 
  2. Hide obsolete bill-of-materials (BoMs) and bill of operations (BoOs)
  3. Give a better overview of production master data and avoid using outdated production models

Maintain Absolute and Percentage based Overall Discounts in CRM documents

In the earlier releases of SAP Business ByDesign, it was not possible to maintain both the Percentage base overall discount and Fixed value overall discounts together in CRM document. This all is now possible in this new release. It-

  1. Gives more flexibility in the pricing functionality 
  2. Helps to maintain fixed value and percentage-based overall discounts in CRM documents like sales, service and invoice documents
  3. Has new Manual Price components Additional Overall Discount, Additional Overall Discount (%), Gross Additional Overall Discount, Gross Additional Overall Discount (%) is added in CRM documents and Pricing Analytical reports

Some additional benefits

There are more exciting features such as the-

  1. Time Administrator can block updates to old-time entries 
  2. Resource Availability based on granular planning on project task
  3. Include Attachments in Output for Outbound Deliveries
  4. Sales quote analytics with and without quote versions
  5. Dynamic target groups: Dynamic target groups
  6. Support the Rehire with New employment options in Employee Central.

and much more.

This launch is designed to empower your business even more with robust features and functionalities in SAP Business ByDesign. So, if you want to dive deep into the possibilities and benefits of SAP Business ByDesign 20.8, we are happy to address all your questions.     

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