How SAP Business ByDesign helps increase the volumes of sales?

  • 03 September 2020
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Innovative sales

From cold-calling to social selling, leveraging data in real-time is a must to boost sales and drive revenue growth. Fast-growing businesses use SAP Business ByDesign to focus their time on doubling the volume of sales with the highest likelihood to drive revenue. They are actively tracking and managing customer information, capturing every customer record, simplifying repetitive tasks to concentrate on strategic tasks, and turning data into insights.  

Unlike stand-alone solutions, SAP Business ByDesign brings an integrated view of your customers across the sales cycle. Your sales team can understand sales rep and team performance, uncover insights on the fly and pay attention to the most promising prospects of the business while spending a fraction of time while searching for information.  From tracking sales quotes to sales pipeline, your sales team can easily perform trustworthy analysis from a single source of truth and gain actionable insights that help illuminate what’s working and what isn’t, where the opportunities are, and what needs to be prioritized to scale the team’s success.

Let us find how every SAP Business ByDesign empowers every salesperson. 

Full-fledged high-touch sales support

Amazingly, where many ERP or CRM solutions only offer the lead, opportunity, quote, order,  outbound delivery, invoice, payment), SAP Business ByDesign offers everything. The smart ERP software covers everything from the initial contact with campaigns, leads, activities, opportunity, quote, contract, and invoicing often called Lead-to-Cash scenario. 

Perform real-time checks 

SAP Business ByDesign modern user-interface facilitates every sales rep with the right information at the right time. This helps drive adoption and they are happier to use a system that helps them to create quotes, perform real-time stock availability checks, view purchase history, credit limits, and other details.  

Never miss out on opportunities

For new sales opportunities, easily track relevant information, such as lead source, potential competition, and closing date.  Now it is easier to stay organized and record activities from the first contact call to the successful close of the transaction. This functionality is available on every single device. So, there’s no chance of missing on any opportunity. You can anytime and anywhere access vital information from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Easily manage leads and customer records

SAP Business ByDesign effortlessly store information such as name, address, phone, and email addresses, etc. It also helps you to manage your payment data, such as terms, credit limits, promotional offers, and so much more. A dashboard in the customer master record gives you a 360 view of customer history. In just a few seconds, gain quick insights into the account balance, outstanding orders and opportunities in the pipeline.  With this cloud ERP, quickly understand where your company has sold into an enterprise and how much revenue has been generated by a specific account.

Track Sales Pursuits Through the Opportunities Module

The sales opportunities module in ByDesign lets you manage the entire sales process Just enter new opportunities in SAP Business One with vital information such as potential sales volume, expected closing dates and sales stages. The software also calculates gross profits and expected revenue for each client.  As the opportunity progresses through the various sales stages and new data is entered, the system automatically reflects and updates the expected profit and revenue calculations. 

SAP Business ByDesign empowers sales teams to accelerate analysis, track overall performance, uncover sales opportunities, and perform ad-hoc analyses in just a few clicks.  Since time is short and critical, salespeople need information at the moment without requiring much time and effort. The smart ERP helps your sales leaders and team to gain a holistic picture of opportunities, figure out which deals will accelerate or grow and prevent unwanted surprises. When presenting to senior sales leaders, feel confident that you’re providing accurate data for data-driven decision-making.     

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