How Tableau helps the manufacturing industry to stay agile and win big?

  • 24 February 2020
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Tableau Mobile app benefits

The manufacturing industry is moving faster at the pace we can imagine. The industry is constantly challenged with rising business demands such as improving production line, maintaining product quality, mitigating supplier chain complexities and cost and meeting strict regulatory compliance. So, there comes a need to invest in BI software that can help you monitor all your manufacturing operations smoothly. The software that helps your manufacturing industry with insightful reporting and key metrics from production to daily sales. The software that can help you quickly dive into your pending orders, analyze production units, review factory output and give you a 360-degree view of how your business operates on micro and macro levels.

Rated by Gartner for years in a row, Tableau is an enterprise-ready business intelligence software that connects and visualizes your data faster than any other legacy solution. With an intuitive drag and drop functionality, it becomes easier to analyze data with no programming and technical skills. It’s that SIMPLE!!! 

So, if you are running a process or a discrete manufacturing business, it pays to bring in a robust and feature-packed Tableau software for the following benefits-

Order Tracking and Sales Fulfillment

View all open sales orders with intuitive dashboards and analytics. Conveniently sort by date or customer or any other field. Keep a track of order shipment, order slips, invoices, track shipments and run real-time insights into sales order fulfillment to boost customer satisfaction.

Inventory Valuation and Assessment

Understand the value of inventory at the best. Evaluate how much you have a surplus in hand, which particularly asset is going understock and all the associated details. This helps you to know the exact status of your inventory so that you can plan better. You can also see the next delivery date of particular items and improve on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Audit Risk and Compliance Management

Surface new insights and mitigate all potential risks before they even occur. Smart dashboards help you judge any suspicious activity prevailing in your manufacturing business, identify fraud, and alert all manufacturers to take the necessary steps before they even surface.

Revenue Management

Gain a deeper understanding as which product is bringing more revenue to your business. Dive deep and forecast any new product line performance, evaluate pricing trends, supply and demand fluctuations and so much more. Tableau helps all manufacturers to know the exact streams of revenue.

Data is a key and it gets created now and then, but it often remains in silos. No matter your industry, Tableau can help you gain decisive results in seconds. For obvious reasons, leading manufacturers around the globe are relying on Tableau software for one or other reasons.  

Demand Forecasting Production & Quality Visibility Procurement Analysis Production Analysis
Sales and Operations Planning Supply chain Visibility Financial Forecasting Profitability and Growth Analysis

Tableau helps everyone to solve the most challenging hurdles prevailing in the manufacturing space. It uncovers deep insights and helps business owners gain a clear picture of their operations, asset availability, optimize production schedules and render drill-down capabilities to make data-driven decisions.

The manufacturing industry is embracing Tableau software to win big in the smart era. They are improving supply chain visibility, streamlining sales and operational planning, evaluating revenue sources, forecasting future revenue opportunities and risks and responding smartly to competitive pressure in real-time. 

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