Why Pharma Leaders need Tableau to capture new markets and lead in the new?

  • 09 October 2020
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Benefits of Pharma ERP

The Pharma industry has picked a surprisingly rapid pace one can imagine. Not only it has to develop new drugs, conduct clinical trials, manage multiple patient records, monitor expiry dates and compliance but also need to match up with the pace industry is growing. New research, a keen interest of foreign investors in the India Pharma industry, and consistent development mark new challenges and opportunities for the industry to grow a little more each day. 

Tableau software caters to all such ongoing challenges by giving real-time insights to manage it all. It renders critical insights and gives metrics from production to daily sales, pending orders, and gives a 360 view of your Pharma business on micro and macro levels. 

Rated by Gartner as a leader for 7 years in a row, Tableau is a smart and robust business intelligence software that has set to revolutionize the Pharma industry. With its amazing feature to drag and drop, it becomes easier to analyze data with no technical expertise. It’s that AWESOME!!! 

Digitization is expanding the opportunities for Pharma leaders 

The benefits of automation can be felt in the Pharma industry, even those who were earlier nagging about making a step toward digitization are fast realizing its capabilities and benefits for their businesses. They have felt how bringing a robust BI software can give them a 360 view of sales forecasting, analyze sales per medical rep, estimate costs, view supply chain activities and capitalize on foreign investment.

Businesses dealing in Formulation, API & Medical Devices, are embarking on the path of success and uncovering new revenue streams with this smart and enterprise-ready BI software. These businesses can view detailed reports on key business metrics such as- 

View Sales Funnel and track orders 

View all open sales orders with smart dashboards. Forecast and plan orders as for orders and sales fulfillment. Keep track of open supply orders, in-hand sales orders, order slips, invoices, and run real-time insights with high-end visibility. 

Facilitate clinical trial and R&D  

Explore massive data sets in minutes that support the R&D processes useful in creating new medicines. Render real-time insights into clinical, GMA, and commercial processes.

Compliance Management 

Gain new insights and mitigate all complexities and risks before they even surface. Intuitive and smart dashboards help you keep a track of material rejection and QC rejections.

Revenue Management

Know in detail as to which product is bringing more revenue to your business. Dive deep and forecast better for any new drug performance. Keep a tab of pricing trends, supply and demand pipeline and so much more. The smart BI software helps all Pharma leaders to know the exact streams of revenue.

 The Pharma industry is embracing Tableau software to lead in the new era. They can view and monitor:

View performance of multiple products, regions and sales reps. Understand global Pharma trends and capture emerging Pharma markets. Strategically plan production and procurement. Get daily production reports, batch yield reports, trend analysis, and statutory reports.
QC management by tracking material rejections. High visibility throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. View Year on Year comparison to plan better and take decisive action. Get vital insights into R&D, clinical, GMA, and commercial processes.

Let’s digitize your business with Tableau

The Pharma industry is continuously innovating and stepping ahead from its legacy shell. No wonder that a surprising number of Pharma companies are trusting the best BI tool such as Tableau to lead in the right direction. Uneecops as your leading partner of Tableau will help you take a walk through Tableau and its dashboards and give you a demo that fits best to your unique requirements.  

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