How to Use Business Intelligence Better

  • 29 May 2014
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Every company comes with a lot of baggage these days. Well, a lot of data to be frank! To handle the abundance of that, various Business Intelligence tools are designed. It is important to filter all the available data and process it accordingly. However, just because you have an efficient tool within your reach doesn’t mean that you will acquire favorable results. They need to be used intelligently and in this post we are jotting down four ways which QlikView consultants suggest to make your Business Intelligence better.

1. Encourage data availability on Mobile Devices
With an increase in use of mobile devices, everyone is developing applications that enable their software to be available on mobile devices. Adopt the same attitude for availability for your data. In these competitive times, it is very critical that one has the ability to process big data anywhere. Give your employees the flexibility to view real time data from anywhere on their mobile devices and work on it accordingly. This proves to be a boon for both the employees and the customers.

2. Analyze everything you see
Using any business solution or tool efficiently is commendable. But using the information just to produce the desired results doesn’t mean you are making the maximum use of the BI tools. Encourage your teams to analyze the data and gain insights from business intelligence. When there is too much data, which is a normal thing these days, it is necessary to carefully analyze which is the useful information and proceed accordingly. The information being used should be validated from the concerned authorities. Find alternate options if you don’t like what the data is reflecting. This judgment can be provided if and only if all the data is carefully analyzed first.

3. Keep information up to date
Business world is moving at an insane pace these days. What was relevant and extremely crucial/useful a few months ago might not be as important now. The same applies for information and data. What was important a couple of months ago might not be important any more. Sift through all the available data periodically to remove the unnecessary information and retain the useful one. Even if your information is available on mobile devices or is analyzed accurately by the team, it wouldn’t make a difference if the information if outdated. Make sure that all the available data in your company is up to date. This highly affects the business performance and the decision making process. Maintain data transparency and keep the data exchange process interactive so that the managers can search for the specific insights they need. Avail the services of QlikView consulting teams to help you with the same.

4. Use Social Media Platforms to access useful information
The cliché, hate it or love it, can’t be ignored that the entire world is on social media these days. You can use the same platform for your benefit. A lot of online forums, blogs, websites and sites like Facebook and Twitter are a goldmine for accessing information and data. You get a direct access into what your customers think about your companies and at the same time keep an eye on the activities of your rivals. Narrow down the genuine sources and analyze all the data available on them. Monitor social media and get accurate data that you can use.

QlikView consultants suggest that you try all or some of these methods to use your Business Intelligence better. If you are already using some of these, then you are surely on your way there, but if you haven’t adopted any of these methods, then you might land in a loss. There are other ways to make BI services better. Choose the one that works the best for your company and put them into practice. You do not want to be one of those who are proud owners of Business Intelligence in their companies but are not using it efficiently, thus defeating the purpose of having it in the first place. Don’t lag behind in the race to being amongst the best in your field.

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