Simplifying Rights and Royalties with SAP Business One

  • 16 April 2020
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Publishing Industry

Publishing companies have entered a new era that is accompanied by publishers, artists, music creators etc. It swings from the traditional approach of textbooks to ebooks and audiobooks. The publishing industry is progressing rapidly and intensifying in complexity as film and television industry, especially when it comes to managing ownership and control, rights and royalty management. Like the film and television industry, publishers are adding different layers of books that readers demand and expect. This new approach of versatility is introducing an ecosystem of professionals such as illustrators, writers, producers, translators, designers, ebook programmers, and many others who are the core part of different publishing books in a variety of formats.  

Bygone are the days when acquiring rights from the author and publishing books was the norm. Now, authors, music creators, publishers, and companies are more informed about their rights and royalty management. Meanwhile, publishers are facing a tough time to manage all those rights without having a robust software in place.  

The more entangled and expansive the value chain is, the more complex it is to manage the music ownership, rights and royalties. 

It’s time to bring royalty management software

Copyrights have become more challenging and complex on a global scale. Keeping in line with the escalating demands of readers and their expectations, publishing companies are generating a variety of formats and books to suit the readers’ demands and needs. This necessitates the needs of a robust royalty management software to manage the intricacies of rights and royalty management. 

SAP Business One overcomes the potential roadblocks of mismanagement of rights and ownership. With a complete and end to end business software, publishers can mitigate the complexities of managing royalty and rights. The ERP solution helps your business to collaborate closely with internal and external partners across the value chain. The solution overcomes potential roadblocks and helps publishers auto calculate the monthly or annual fee to be paid and manage all rights contract and royalty agreements in one place.  

The intelligent and smart ERP gives a critical and unbiased insight to songwriters, artists, production directors to act fairly without any bias and run profitably. SAP Business One automates, validates and facilitates the royalties that can make a remarkable difference in profit and loss.  

Bringing a rest to the old era of complex royalty management

The intense change happening in the publishing industry calls for enterprise-ready software for your growing business. The software that can administer copyrights and process royalty to the right people with the right amount. More importantly, equipping the leading publishing house with the capability to restore the trust of internal and external people while ensuring contract compliance. So, this is the time to step out from the legacy shell and invest in a robust and affordable royalty management system that reduces the complexity of fee and royalty calculation. 

Let’s Talk

Find out how SAP Business One for rights and royalty management can help your publishing business calculate and process royalties eliminating the instances of profit falling, brand credibility or any legal issue. 

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