Why Cloud ERP is becoming a priority for growing businesses?

  • 13 April 2020
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Transitioning to cloud ERP has many tangible benefits for leading businesses. It comes equipped with next-gen technology such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, faster deployment cycle, innovation at a great scale. Businesses can gain the most of up to date functionalities rather than waiting for months or years, unlike on-premise ERP. It’s also the most affordable and sustainable way to control cost and help IT teams focus on other strategic tasks that were earlier going in managing and upgrading software. 

Ideally, a smart and intelligent core ERP puts the business in the fast lane as it becomes easier to- 

  1. Deploy-  Faster to deploy and bring the system in weeks, instead of months or even years.
  2. Regular upgrades– Regular upgrades ensure the deployment of new features and functionalities than an on-premise version. 
  3. User Adaptation– Navigation and user interface is simplified which is best for all business professionals and remote teams  
  4. Accelerate Agility- Decision makers believe cloud ERP has made them more innovative and agile. 
  5. Increased Innovation– Innovations can be rolled out much faster such as analytics and mobile support readily available.

By implementing a cloud ERP solution specifically designed for fast-growth businesses, businesses around the world can quickly innovate and react to customer demands almost instantly. Moreover, the technology enables businesses to automate a variety of business functions to quickly improve their supply chain, overcome production bottlenecks, close their financial books faster with precision, process payroll effortlessly, manufacture, and deliver products that improve the business bottom line. 

Cloud adoption increases operational speed, simplicity, and cost-efficiency 

When it comes to embracing Cloud ERP, many decision-makers are hesitant to migrate their entire data into a cloud platform. However, if facts and figures are to believed cloud adoption brings high ROI to business by increasing operational efficiency, speed, agility and bring cost efficiencies at a faster rate than traditional and legacy systems. 

Benefit from Subscription-Based Licensing 

One of the most impressive benefits of cloud adoption is the subscription-based model. This gives the customers flexibility to scale up or down easily and renew the contract after the initial term. This brings a higher ROI through faster deployment and a predictable cost.  

The following graphic illustrates some of the key cloud deployment benefits

Cloud ERP a game-changer for businesses  

Cloud ERP enables real-time views into your data, opening the door to instantaneous insights. It’s no wonder that the majority of businesses believe that the cloud has streamlined their operational processes, eliminated routine administrative tasks, increased collaboration, and help gained a competitive advantage over their peers. So, whether you’re a CIO, a CTO, CMO, CFO, a chief digital officer, or a chief sales officer, there’s never been a better time to contemplate about cloud as a strategic business tool. 

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