5 Tips to Get the Most of SAP Business One in a Challenging Economy

  • 01 June 2022
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The effects of COVID-19, the Great Resignation, the Ukraine-Russia war and the Fed rate hike are still lurking in the business world. Indian SMEs have started bouncing back post-pandemic. 

But, does coming back to normal mean thriving?

A different angle to look at the economy. Ever intensifying competition, newer technologies and smarter ways of working (hybrid and remote roles).

The question remains the same – Is coping enough for succeeding?

Challenges will persist. What matters is how you break free.

In a digital economy, overcoming challenges means digitally transforming your business to lead from the forefront. To be an unrivalled champion in today’s marketplace, mid-market, fast-growing enterprises must break out of their process silos and ensure every department works in complete sync. HR, finance, inventory, sales, procurement, admin, and supply chain, among others, must all connect to a single source of truth to dynamically scale their response with speed and automation.

How do you achieve this?

SAP ERP Software is the ‘X Factor’ you need and the ‘Success Factor’ that can grow your business!

Let us discover in detail how SAP Business One can help you get the most in a complex, challenging and competitive environment!

TIP #1 – Gain real-time efficiencies to survive in the changing world

Post pandemic, companies shifted operations to overcome challenges more readily. 

SAP Business One supports SMEs in a multitude of ways to increase business efficiency. With the changing world and economy, enterprises must adapt to succeed. Having your finance, CRM and sales data, inventory management, analytics, and reporting all in one easy-to-access place makes SAP Business One a powerful tool that drives companies into the future. 

TIP #2 – Compete with Cloud capabilities 

Remote access with SAP Business One makes all data available anywhere, anytime. Accessibility saves money and time. Losing Internet access or suffering a ransomware attack could threaten company information if it’s not stored on the cloud. Cloud hosting makes all of your data available no matter what happens!

TIP #3 -Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Fast Decision Making

SAP Business One dashboards and tools keep data in view whenever needed. They allow users to create alerts and reports to monitor information points that change every day, making the decision-making process simpler. 

TIP #4 – Customize to adapt to your business and grow along with it

Resilience and agility are not mere keywords. Achieve them and integrate them into your business with ERP software systems. To withstand and outsmart the challenges of the present economy, the ERP software should cater to your specific business needs and problems. ERP customization can help achieve this. SAP Business One can be personalized as per your business requirements so that the software serves your business and grows with it. Indeed, digital agility!

TIP #5 – Partner with a trusted SAP implementation company to overcome tech challenges

Do not rush things. Yes, automation means moving things at a lightning-fast speed. 

But, it is never too late to do great things. The pivot to SAP implementation requires you to partner with a support team. Because “The will to succeed is important, but what’s more important is the will to prepare.”

And as you embark on a new journey, it is best to have experts stand by your side and guide you. 

Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) is a CMMI level 5 company that aims to help SMEs transform and simplify their complex business landscape. Being India’s #1 Platinum SAP Business One partner, UBS is guided by its purpose of addressing the mission-critical needs of growing enterprises with ERP, Analytics and Cloud Technologies. From SAP ERP customization to cloud hosting and managed services, we are end-to-end SAP partners. Let us plan your ERP software roadmap. 

And, back to where we started

Why walk or even run when you can take the big leap? Leverage SAP Business One to not just cope or hope but actually grow. An investment in business automation using SAP Business One today can make your organization digitally agile for the world of tomorrow.

Roli Agarwal

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