How Retail Success Depends on Business Intelligence?

  • 08 June 2022
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Retail Business Success

Today, everything is about the customer. Quick delivery, reliable service and quality products. Whatever the retail business niche – food, grocery, apparel, beauty, wellness, consumer durable or furniture and furnishings – customer satisfaction is of prime importance. Leading retail businesses understand how important it is to deliver excellent customer experiences and how challenging this can be in a data-driven world. Lets know more about how retail business success depends on business intelligence.

Real business intelligence means adopting the right set of tools to reap the rewards of data-driven business advantage. Business intelligence (BI) tools are powerful, modern information-based tools available to retail SMEs and fast-growing businesses for improving strategic customer-success planning and decision-making — provided you can tap into BI effectively.

In a world where online retailing is making its way and driving the ultimate value for organizations, you also need an absolutely effective BI strategy.

Understanding what business intelligence is, how it works, and the best ways you can undertake its strategic application will give your business the edge to stay on top of the customer-success game and ahead of the competition. Let us explore further.

BI Services: Driving 21st-Century Retail Business Success

BI services leverage market-based and business data as well as empirical evidence from a diverse collection of sources rather than simply relying on the guesswork.

Today, all retailers in the age of digital transformation and big data are building on this legacy. They are constantly using BI services and tools to collect, organize and assess information that can be used to strengthen competitive advantage and drive both value creation and innovation.

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The Value Of Business Intelligence

For modern retailers, purchasing orders and merchandising management are critical to better serving customers. Properly applied business intelligence creates the chance to gain unmatched insight into — and control over — the data driving the supply chain and complete business management.

The goal of effective business intelligence is to collect as much information as possible, arrange it for clarity and analysis, and ensure that it helps in:

• Streamlining business processes

• Predicting and capitalizing on trends

• Making more intelligent business decisions

• Innovating through improved product development and sourcing

• Pursuing healthy organizational change

• Strengthening competitive advantage

• Reducing risk exposure

Supported by advanced technologies such as AI and analytics, BI fosters increased communication and collaboration. BI also helps retailing companies to track inventory, orders, returns, manage customers and more. Real-time monitoring of functions makes it possible to create complex forecasting models that yield more accurate insights.

This shift to a data-driven decision-making process empowers retail businesses to follow their lead and progress towards success.

Getting Started with BI

As a retail business, you should be aware of the first steps to put BI to work in your business:

1. Invest considerable time and resources to get up to speed on the technologies and best BI practices. Reach out to reputed BI software partners or service providers who offer not just inspiration but also guidance.

2. Define your implementation strategy, budget and timeline.

3. Prepare to build a BI team or hire a partner team for end-to-end support. Also, make sure to conduct proper training for your in-house BI team.

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One thing is clear and well-established.

Retailers and leaders in the retailing industry who embrace BI services will have better control over their growth. With better access to insights, optimal business decisions, profits, value, and competitive strength are just a matter of time.

Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) is focused on business automation and ERP services. An arm of the Uneecops Group, UBS enables the retail industry to implement BI technology into their business processes. The company is a leader in providing business intelligence and ERP services powered by successful partnerships with SAP, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau.

UBS experts have the retail expertise and knowledge to carry out successful, business-specific ERP services and Power BI implementations. Our team knows how to apply the best business intelligence practices and ensure better employee, user and customer experiences.

We work with retailers to assess their business processes and propose customized solutions to help them manage their unique business challenges. Our team helps businesses drive innovation, collaborate across silos and boost profitability in their retail business.

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