What makes a SME successful?

  • 06 October 2016
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If you are an entrepreneur, the thoughts of taking your enterprise ahead of your competitors cling to you forever. Picking a realistic operational strategy, utilizing your limited resources in the best possible way while not burning a hole in your budget can make you stand out. But how do you get there?  Here are some secrets to the success of small and medium sized businesses.

  1. Don’t get too comfortable.
    SMEs shall never get too comfortable with their market and their market position. Markets are ever-changing and so shall be the market providers. Always, manage for today and lead for tomorrow; look down the line for the financial strives and prepare you for the disaster (even when it does not seem to happen).
  2. Look for the market gaps and Innovate!
    Careful observations of the market will let you know of the market gaps that you can fulfill. Latest Technology and Scaling of the infrastructure is the new “new” for the SMEs and can help you come up with your unique selling points and give you a competitive edge over your rivals.
  3. Come up with short term plans.
    “One Fits All” is not the strategy that could take your SME far, so do not hesitate in changing your strategy at least once a year and focus towards fulfilling the short term goals for a while.
  4. Decide the right size of your organization.
    Reaching the critical mass is vitally important for any SME, as a lack of knowledge can hold back the growth of the business. The structure and the size of the organization need to be reengineered according the target market and the current strategy.
  5. Recognize and nurture talent.
    Not only SMEs but every organization needs the right talent to take the company ahead. Market leaders highlight innovation in staff training and empowering staff to try new things as the best ways to remain competitive. So let your employees lose it a bit and experiment, who knows, you might get the next Million Dollar idea!

Yet it can be a struggle for SMEs to maintain their resources and sustain, we hope these tips will help you have a much stronger chance at surviving and prospering, and maybe become a stand out leader soon!

Nidhi Batra

About the author

Nidhi Batra is a marketing and brand communication professional with 10 years of experience working in the dynamic B2B marketing environment. She strategizes, writes, reviews a variety of content for demand generation and sales support activities. Having a Master’s in English from Delhi University, she knows how to navigate her readers on insightful journeys with her SAP published blogs and thought leadership content.