Why Manufacturing Industry Needs ERP software?

  • 24 December 2019
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Manufacturing Industry Needs ERP software

The manufacturing industry is one of the most impactful industries dealing with constantly changing market dynamics. Regardless of the industry, you are in- chemical, plastic, paint, electronics, computers, food production, metal, leather, and others, you have your own set of challenges that needs to be mitigated now and then. Whether your organization is engaged in manufacturing, distribution or both, digitization is necessary to combat inefficiency and complexity. 

The smartest manufacturers are transforming their business models with the next-gen ERP such as SAP Business One and bringing ease into their workplace and the way they interact with customers. To grow in this increasingly complex business climate, manufacturers must find ways to differentiate themselves, increase price margins and optimize global supply chains. All this could be easily achievable when you invest in an enterprise-ready software such as SAP Business One.

Let us quickly find out how SAP Business One can help your manufacturing firms. 

  • Keep a track of service contracts, warranties, and entitlements 
  • Help in work schedule management, physical counting, and replenishment
  • Foster good supply chain partner relationships
  • Improve predictability (ensuring that the right products are planned well)
  • Reduce delays in communicating real-time changes to the supply chain 
  • Track byproducts and coproducts, yield, waste-age, shelf life, expiry date, etc
  • Easily trace data modifications, production and quality control data 
  • Backward, forward, batch and quality traceability enabling you to track the products 
  • Manage everything from production, customer acceptance, budget and cost controlling
  • Easily calculate profits and losses per product line

“Automate Routing Tasks with Time-Tested ERP” 

Designed for small and mid-sized companies, SAP Business One provides accurate and real-time information to stay on top of projects , helps in bills of materials (BOMs), yield and scrap management, production planning, and track inventory movements in real-time.  

Let us further dive into the benefits of SAP Business One for manufacturing industry. 

Handle Raw Materials, Semi-Finished and Finished Goods

With SAP Business One, it is now easy to record the details about raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. Manufacturers can now easily know about their stocks and can see the availability easily in this ERP. Further, there is a provision to segregate stocks based on quality checks such as fresh, second, or rejected stock.  

Easily manage stock at different locations 

Easily manage multiple stocks and their movements across locations with the smart ERP.  With SAP Business One, you get the flexibility to evaluate your stock based on various metrics. Manufacturers can keep a constant tab and see item-wise profitability to make informed business decisions.  

Easily identify errors to file GST returns 

It is now possible to mitigate errors and file GST returns with confidence. Since the data is streamlined and gives you a single version of the truth, you can easily identify errors and rectify them before you proceed for GST returns. The software is smart enough to identify transactions which are mismatched or incomplete. So, you get a fair chance to mitigate all those errors and reduce the chance of rejection from filing returns in the GSTN portal.  

With the trust of nearly 60,000 customers, SAP Business One manufacturing is the leading software for all manufacturers to simplify their end to end operations. Let Manufacturing industry ERP software manage your accounting and compliance, finance, bills of materials, and other business functions, while you focus on other strategic tasks. 

Let’s Talk 

Fujikura Kasei Coating India Pvt. Ltd, Haryana Leather Chemical Ltd., Jivo Wellness Pvt. Ltd., Gopal Consumer World, are a few of our manufacturing clients using SAP Business One. Let’s meet you in person to understand your business concerns and take you through the SAP Business One demo that will help you understand how SAP Business one erp can prove to be a useful asset to your business.    

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