SAP Business ByDesign: What it offers to your industry?

  • 15 October 2020
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SAP byd implementation service for industry

SAP Business ByDesign is used by almost every industry vertical to connect every business function. Specially designed for mid-size and large scale organizations, this cloud-based ERP run without the need for a large IT infrastructure. Whether it is retail, manufacturing, FMCG, Food & Beverage, trading, or any other business, you can count on this ERP to gain key business information in real-time. 

With its in-built BI functionality, it becomes easier to lay informed decisions without relying on mere instincts and guesswork. In just a few clicks, gain more actionable insights. With integrated mobile functionality, you can also view vital business information at no additional cost. The mobile app keeps you posted about pending orders, stock levels, incurring costs, and every single activity happening in your business. You can easily organize your tasks and manage your inventory levels, eliminate the instances of stock-outs, and gain valuable business information at the time you want. 

In this blog, we will touch base on a few key benefits of this amazing cloud-based ERP for diverse industry verticals. 

Manufacturing Industry 

The manufacturing industry is vulnerable to rapid market conditions, supply chain complexities, intense competition from global markets and compliance. Manufacturers face complex challenges to perform and increase speed and efficiency. To be opportune and stay ahead of the marketing curve, spreadsheets or any homegrown software will not be enough. You need an enterprise-ready software to manage and respond to the tune of market challenges. With SAP Business ByDesign, it is easy to improve manufacturing operations with real-time information. You can meet compliance standards, gain high visibility of inventory and stock, align areas of supply, production and demand, manage multi-level production scheduling, view capacity allocations, and improve your customer service anytime and anywhere.     

Finance Industry 

New financial regulations, recurring financial tasks, compliance needs, intense invoicing work and changing customer dynamics have prompted the finance industry to take a route to digitization. This coupled with the need to manage complex tax and law regulations accounts payables and receivables, asset management, and the collection has called the need for digitization. The traditional finance departments working in silos work no more. The future is a smart and digitally empowered finance function. 

SAP Business ByDesign mitigates today’s business needs of finance and simplify all critical processes and speed business decisions. With SAP Business ByDesign mobile functionality, you can glance at your key performance indicators, make quick decisions, perform analysis of capital, assets, expenses, risk and financial performance.

 Retail Industry

With tight margins, dynamic markets, and heightened customer expectations, it is not feasible to rely solely on guesswork and legacy system to drive business growth and meet customer demands.  Mega retail chain retailers and mega mall managers are investing in cloud ERP to meet the complex needs of the industry. 

SAP Business ByDesign is a smart and advanced ERP solution that streamlines order fulfillment activities, manage vital aspects of warehouse and inventory management, and keep a track of your retail business anytime and anywhere. Further, with embedded business intelligence, the retail industry can identify which store has out of stock hurdles, track every item efficiently with serial number and batch tracking features, and a lot more.  

F&B industry 

The Food and Beverage industry is highly influenced by consumer buying patterns. Think about the latest trends such as high demands for fresh meals, strict compliance and regulations and meeting the dynamic and complex challenges of the food and beverage industry. The advanced cloud ERP software helps the F&B industry to view and track supply chain information, maintain the recipe formulations and reformulations,  automate workflows and ensure products are labeled as per their nutritional value. To stay competitive, it is imperative to leave behind the legacy software and digitize your operations for managing expiry dates, record management, prediction and planning and so much more.        

SAP Business ByDesign is an advanced ERP special designed for mid-sized businesses to manage their entire business from financials, sales, customer relationships, and operations. So, irrespective of the industry you are in, you will gain major business benefits from this ERP and drive profitable growth. 

Talk to our team Uneecops and discover how companies like yours are trusting SAP Business ByDesign and responding smartly to dynamic market challenges. 

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