Standard to Stellar: Leading Industrial Machinery and Concrete Company Unleashes SAP ECC 6.0 for Reporting and Process Brilliance

Standard to Stellar: Leading Industrial Machinery and Concrete Company Unleashes SAP ECC 6.0 for Reporting and Process Brilliance


Industrial Machinery and Components




Bangalore, Karnataka

Company Overview

Established in 1992, they are a global leader in concrete solutions, specializing in Self-Loading Concrete Mixers. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company offers a complete range of products for production, transport, placement, and pavement. With over 20,000 units in operation nationwide, the organization serves diverse sectors including infrastructure, renewables, and urban development. Committed to customer-centricity, the company boasts a robust dealer network across India, Nepal, and Bhutan, ensuring prompt after-sales support – also operates in Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Myanmar, and beyond, embodying a dedication to technological advancement and excellence in concreting.

As our customer base was expanding rapidly, we realized that we need an integrated system in place that could bridge process disparities and facilitate overall enterprise reporting. When we came across your company’s domain expertise in SAP ECC 6.0, we onboarded you as our implementation partner. Thank you for being extremely supportive and consistent in resolving our challenges. Kudos team.

SAP Project Lead

Before: Complex process, reporting structure, leading to data silos

  • Legacy reporting systems presented bottlenecks in terms of speed, accuracy, and depth of insights. Timely access to business data was impeded, impacting decision-making processes.
  • The existing operational workflows and controls exhibited inefficiencies, leading to gaps in process management.
  • The absence of real-time monitoring capabilities hampered the company’s ability to respond swiftly to dynamic business conditions. This resulted in delays and missed opportunities.

Why SAP ECC 6.0 & Us?

  • SAP ECC 6.0 provides a unified platform for integrating various business units and systems. This consolidation eradicates data silos, enabling seamless information flow across the organization.
  • Our team was chosen as the project leads and the functional team had a very strong consulting and business domain background, having worked in Product Life Cycle Management, Variant Configuration and Product Costing Functional areas.
  • We closed the implementation cycle in 7 months, covering customized add-ons and integrations. 

After: Engineering Excellence Elevated with SAP Implementation, Application Management services, Roll Outs and SAP Integration with Third Party Systems

  • With our company as a partner, the concrete solutions enterprise could address integration, reporting, and process control challenges, ultimately driving efficiency, compliance, and competitiveness.   
  • Our in-house developed CRM, procurement software and mobile apps further aided automation and workflow solutions.
  • The company now has real-time monitoring capabilities, offering immediate access to critical business data. 
  • Supply chain management and collaboration efforts strengthened, enhancing overall operational effectiveness. 

Efficiency gains

Advanced Reporting Powered Decision Making

The ERP system empowered users with robust reporting capabilities, allowing real-time, accurate, and comprehensive insights and enabling informed decision-making.

Better Analysis of Business Ops and Performance

With its extensive suite of analytical tools, SAP ECC 6.0 offered in-depth insights into various aspects of the business. This included financial performance, customer behavior and inventory management.

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