USD 20.7 Billion Portfolio Renewable Energy Asset Management Company Aces Data Analytics with Tableau + Uneecops 

USD 20.7 Billion Portfolio Renewable Energy Asset Management Company Aces Data Analytics with Tableau + Uneecops 


Renewable Energy Asset Management




USD 20.7 Billion

Company Overview

The cutting-edge Renewable Energy Asset Management company is a global powerhouse with a presence in 100+ countries. 

Managing a 5 GW+ O&M portfolio, the largest in India and 7th globally, the business touches over 40% of India’s solar capacity. Their unwavering commitment to HSE initiatives has led to 15 million safe manhours, offsetting 4 million tons of CO2 across 1100 Teqo-managed solar assets. 

Pioneering innovation with India’s first mobile PV health lab, patented E-ATV vegetation removal, and the Drone Integrated Security System (DRISS), they are crafting the future of renewable asset management.

Our organization had diverse data sources that needed to be collected using data integrity and reliability. As a rapidly growing company, we needed to ensure efficient data transformation processes – without manual redundancies or dependencies. To break free from the time-consuming analytics workflow, we opted for the Tableau platform. Uneecops helped us immensely in enhancing the efficiency and precision of report distribution mechanisms. I am proud to say that now we are a future-looking analytically pro organization!

– Operations Head

Before: Manual Process, Repetitive Work, Data Security and Report Distribution Roadblocks.

  • The company encountered significant hurdles streamlining a diverse array of data sources, requiring a solution that ensures a cohesive and efficient data collection process.  
  • They needed robust data governance protocols for ensuring data integrity and reliability.  
  • They sought seamless and efficient data transformation processes, optimizing the flow of data from source to visualization.
  • Also looked to overcome time-consuming dependencies in the analytics workflow and manual reporting procedures. 

Why Tableau & Uneecops?

  • Tableau is an interactive data visualization software company focused on business intelligence. With 80,000+ customers worldwide and 1,500+ customers in India, it is recognized as a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for data analytics.   
  • Uneecops is a Tableau Gold Partner in India and a pioneering advanced analytics and AI/ML company. 
  • The founding team has over 20 years of experience in analytics implementations, and we have done more than 150 successful BI implementations for 120+ clients across India.  

After: Reporting systems went from manual to automated!

  • After deploying Tableau servers and using its advanced analytics dashboards, the company enhanced its efficiency and precision of report distribution mechanisms, minimizing delays and ensuring timely access to critical insights.
  • Report distribution made possible in hours with updated data without any manual intervention. 
  • Automated the process of adding the data with security
  • Insights and decision making for respective department stake holders became easier with assisted formula editing, forecasting, clustering, and flexible deployment options (in-cloud, on-premises, and online).  

Efficiency gains

More than 85% of manual intervention reduced 

No more relying on manual process for data collection or assessment.

Reporting done in hours instead of weeks

Reduced the data analysis time from 1 week to 2 hours.

Uneecops Built single layer of BI with Tableau 

The company used this for trusted data visibility. Business users could rely on the deployed dashboard rather than looking for other manual reports/information. This enabled timely action and decision-making, making the company analytically adept and business intelligent! 

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