World market-leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of smart industrial equipment developed smart custom CPQ with Salesforce

World market-leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of smart industrial equipment developed smart custom CPQ with Salesforce






$144.5 Million

Company Overview

Global technology leader specializing in Smart Sensors for complex automation and smart factory applications. Founded in 1972, the company currently operates with over 500 employees across more than 12 subsidiaries worldwide, covering key markets in Europe, Asia, North and South America. With a strong presence in over 60 countries and our headquarters based in Switzerland, they offer a comprehensive portfolio of approximately 8000 products. Renowned for expertise in sensor intelligence and industrial RFID technology, they continuously innovate to provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance automation and optimize operational efficiency for our valued customers. 

Implementing Salesforce CPQ has truly transformed our sales operations. The accuracy and efficiency it brings to our pricing and quoting process are unparalleled. Our sales team can now generate complex quotes in a matter of minutes, taking into account all the necessary variables such as customizations, discounts, and quantities. The software has streamlined our workflow, eliminated errors, and significantly improved our quote-to-cash cycle. Thanks to UBSdigiCloud’s unparalleled support and solution customizations, we could cater to our specific business needs.

– Finance Head 

Before: Complexities in managing products, sellers and pricing

  • The company faced challenges with their existing vendor who failed to deliver on their requirements for a custom CPQ (configurable pricing model).  
  • The company needed to manage the complexity of their product offerings, different types of sellers, and discounts for primary and secondary sales.  
  • In addition, they needed to manage access to pricing from SAP while keeping the pricing hidden during ordering in SAP. 

Why Salesforce & UBSdigiCloud?

  • Salesforce has a powerful sales tool for CPQ that helps deliver precise pricing in various product configuration scenarios.  
  • With comprehensive capabilities, Salesforce CPQ applications consider optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts, empowering sales representatives to swiftly and precisely generate price quotes. 
  • UBSdigiCloud helped the factory applications company to implement a custom solution for their CPQ requirements.  

After: 360-degree pricing model management

  • UBSdigiCloud’s Salesforce solution ensured that each account is associated with a subsidiary and that every product is sold by a subsidiary.  
  • The solution also addressed the complex pricing model, which includes local gross prices (for customer sell), master gross list prices (for purchases from headquarters), and five types of discounts (customer, product range, product group, article discount, and additional discount).  
  • As we customized CPQ, a net price concept was implemented to ensure that the customer-specific price is selected irrespective of discounts.  
  • The solution also included a volume-based distributor price discount, which is determined by the volume placed for each order.  
  • Finally, the distributor price was set up in Salesforce since it could not be set in SAP. 

Efficiency gains

Better business management 

Better alignment and streamlining of products and pricing drove business growth and success. 

Pricing model simplified 

All the company’s pricing models were managed with a single, digitalized solution. 

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