Is Your Manufacturing Process Still Running Without An ERP?

  • 16 June 2021
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Manufacturing Process With ERP

This is the era of Industry 4.0. Traditional manufacturing is getting replaced by smart manufacturing. However, most small businesses still run on standalone accounting software or use spreadsheets to run their business. This creates a bottleneck in the planning and execution process. This is where SAP Business One comes in. SAP Business One is an enterprise-ready software that binds all the processes of a company together. So you don’t have to use one software for accounting, another for resource planning, something different for HR and so on. Instead, you have one single software that manages all the aspects of your business. This ensures a smooth workflow, quick decision making and minimal back and forth. 

Digital Imperative Of Investing in Smart and Intelligent ERP 

SAP Business One is a smart ERP which ensures your production department is connected with the other arms of the business 24*7.  Let’s see how an ERP for the manufacturing industry can revolutionize the production process flows. 

Suppose a small, fast-food company named ‘Bites’ recently implemented a manufacturing ERP software such as SAP Business One. Earlier, it suffered from a broken production process. Now, each stage of the production is connected with the core business processes. So if the production manager wants to buy a specific raw material of a quantity that’s more than the usual, the production manager does not need to go and file a request separately. And the accounts department does not have to separately approve the request. Everything is done within the same ERP software on a real-time basis. This amounts to fewer hassles and less production time. Real-time, smooth and transparent decision-making are the keywords when it comes to ERP software.

Again, suppose the said fast-food company has 10.73 quintals of wheat (raw material) to make its product – biscuit. After producing the desired number of biscuits, the production manager won’t have to manually subtract the used wheat from the original quantity. The ERP software will do it automatically.

Along with that, an ERP for the manufacturing industry automatically records the batch information, expiry dates, raw material wastage etc. Thus, it can significantly step up and automate various processes.

SAP Business One: The Preferred ERP Solution For Manufacturing Industries

There are many ERPs out there that support the production process. But businesses have a special soft corner for SAP Business One manufacturing ERP software. This software has been serving businesses for more than 20 years now. 

Intelligent Inventory Management  and Purchase Planning  

SAP Business One provides 360-degree inventory management support armed with predictive data analysis and Artificial Intelligence. This makes SAP a manufacturing ERP software with a difference.

Suppose you are the production manager of a fast-food company that we mentioned above. From the dashboard alone, you can see that you are unable to meet the sales target. You can see that the manufacturing unit faces a shortage of raw materials time and again. This delays the delivery of the product. From the dashboard of SAP Business One, you can see that your inventory value is above the threshold that you have set. Yet you have a fast sales rate. From this SAP B1 dashboard, you can deduce that there are some slow-moving items, and you should decrease their production. 

Smart Forecasting

SAP provides a smart forecast about the potential number of products that your company can sell until the end of the year. So suppose the sales of a product has suddenly increased in the past six months. Then based on this historical transaction, this ERP for manufacturing industry will suggest that you produce a certain number of the said product.

Similarly, you can look for quotations and create purchase orders from a single dashboard. I can see which suppliers are charging less. You can look at the invoices, search for products that you purchased based on the batch number or expiry date.

Complete Freedom To Set Purchase and Sales Rules

From the example above, you can see that SAP analyses your manufacturing process based on the rules that you have set. Therefore, you have complete freedom to set the rules based on your business requirement using this ERP for manufacturing industry. 

Complete Accountability and Visibility

With SAP Business One, you can define each stage of the manufacturing process, what items are required in each stage, the number of human resources required, the amount of time each stage will take, etc. So you will have a complete breakdown of the production cost. Based on this, you can set the selling price of the finished product.

Intelligent Analysis Of The Work Order

SAP Business One is an outstanding manufacturing ERP software that does not stop its work even after the manufacturing process ends. It tracks the customer satisfaction rates and presents you with various KPIs to help you identify any gap in customer service. It can, in fact, double as a great CRM. This ERP for the manufacturing industry can analyse each customer transaction individually and create a customised analysis for every individual purchase.

SAP Business One gives comprehensive support to the manufacturing process of the company. From resource planning to inventory management and after-sales analysis – SAP surpasses the work of the traditional ERP systems. This ERP for manufacturing industry is specially made for small businesses. Yet, it is easily scalable. With cloud implementation, you don’t have to maintain any on-prem software and pay for the maintenance.

Many people think that SAP comes with a steep learning curve. But SAP B1 is one of the most intuitive software out there. Added to this, you’ll have Uneecops by your side. We will guide you to use SAP Business One to its fullest capability. We are your partner in success.

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