Security Concerns? Don’t hold back your business from embracing cloud ERP

  • 17 July 2020
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Cloud has become an integral piece of modernization for small to medium and large scale enterprises. It has simplified the way we access data and communicate with our customers, vendors, suppliers and stakeholders. Some of the major benefits that Cloud ERP provides are pay-as-you-go model,  high scalability, less maintenance costs, no extra investment in infrastructure, regular upgrades and so much more. 

However, while cloud ERP brings businesses near-limitless opportunities in terms of costs and flexibility, it also comes with risks. The security breach, data breaches, malware injections, account hijacking, phishing schemes are some common cloud security threats. Due to these security concerns, many business leaders and stakeholders are still reluctant to make a move to Cloud ERP.

While security concerns are unambiguous, businesses simply cannot afford to let security concerns holding them back from embarking on Cloud ERP. Especially when you know the series of benefits that it provides to your business in terms of scalability, cost control, disaster recovery option, anytime, and anywhere accessibility and so much more.

Get the assurance of data security, compliance, cost and scalability in Cloud

The benefits of cloud and automation are clear to a huge number of businesses, so when you make a move consider four fundamental goals. These would be data security, compliance, cost and scalability. If your Cloud ERP partner assures you all of them, then you may not delay the move further. 

ERP Cloud: Uncovering major myth v/s ground reality 

Myth: It is easier to hack your critical data in Cloud as multiple customers share the same network.

Reality: It is not an easy job to hack or attack data owing to strong and safe secure layers. Your cloud ERP partner will provide you preventive measures to avoid multi-tenancy related issues hence embarking on Cloud ERP is considered safer. 

Myth: Maintaining security is a highly tiresome and cumbersome process in Cloud ERP. It involves additional manpower that may add significantly to the bottom line.

Reality: Ensuring security in Cloud is not at all difficult as the top cloud vendors have the latest security architecture models to protect your business from any attack. There’s no need to hire additional resources as any resource can maintain and secure its environment after some training. 

Myth: Tenants in the same cloud can spy on one another

Reality: Multiple tenants share storage, processing and other services in a public cloud but there are no chances of security and data leakages as there’s a strong and well-defined partition between each tenant. 

Secure your end-to-end cloud journey

Cloud security is a well-known concern for cloud adoption. But even after all of the issues cloud adoption rate is gaining a high momentum, that indicates that businesses are geared up and ready for cloud ERP implementation. Here are some of the preventive measures that are taken by businesses to embark safely on Cloud. 

  • Choose the right Cloud ERP partner, evaluate their industry expertise and experience 
  • Train your employees and educate them of safety protocols before embarking on Cloud ERP  
  • Follow proper cloud governance across the organization
  • Real-time monitoring of applications and data for security vulnerabilities

The journey to the ERP cloud is accelerating despite its security concerns. Cloud ERP enables your business to meet the need for scalability and innovation without the necessity of CapEx investment. That’s not all, Cloud ERP offers an attractive business case with a pay-as-you-go model and help you meet your business-focused drivers. To stay ahead of the curve, digital enterprises cannot ignore its importance hence sooner or later everyone has to embark on the Cloud ERP journey at the earliest.   

Uneecops helps you embark on the cloud journey safely. We provide end-to-end managed security services to provide you with everything you need. Whether you are just starting on your migration to the cloud, evaluating the cloud architecture or want to know about disaster recovery and high availability options. Uneecops can help.

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