7 Reasons Why Traders Love SAP Business One Starter Package

  • 28 November 2021
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ERP For Trading Business

Traders need to attend to a lot of operational aspects in their businesses. What if they get a tool that automates most of these operational processes and helps manage the rest of the processes intelligently? SAP Business One Starter Package does precisely that. It is an ERP software that reduces manual business processes pertaining to trading, streamlines them, and intelligently connects one process with another. Traders love this ERP software for a host of reasons. 

Complete Visibility of Cash Flow

Picture this- you started your trading business with 10 lakh Rupees. Now, after a year, you see that after excluding profits, you have 9 lakh Rupees worth of cash, items and infrastructure. After much calculation, you find out that more than 50,000 Rupees are lying as pending A/R. But where did the other 50,000 go? After another session of balance sheet calculation, you find out that this amount went into buying fixed assets. So, although you have a negative cash flow of Rs 1 lakh, you can recover only Rs. 50,000.

With the SAP Business One Starter Package, you don’t need to waste time manually calculating your cash flow. The ERP platform provides real-time reporting on cash flow. You’ll be alerted of those open A/R invoices that are older than a specific period. Traders can further investigate your Chart of Accounts to get balance sheet reports, expenses revenue etc. Traders love this real-time reporting of financials and cash flow. SAP Starter Package helps traders avoid running out of cash.

Traders want data as and when they need it. Starter Package does just that

The beauty of the SAP Business One Starter Package is- you have to enter the Master Data once. And, from then on, the system will leverage the same Master Data to show updated sales and purchase reports or inventory levels. So, for example, the sales department of the trading business will use the same Items Master Data that the inventory department will use. So while creating a sales order for a particular item, the sales department can see how many items are there in the inventory and their prices. Again, the purchasing department can see the quantity of any particular item and order the same if it is below the acceptable level. 

Traders need automation to reduce workload. Starter Package is there for that.

Monitoring data is just one part of data management in the SAP Starter Package. With this ERP, traders can automate data updation. So, when a sales order is completed, the quantity of items in the inventory automatically reduces based on how many items are sold. The same is true for Finance. Every transaction is automatically recorded in the ledger. Not only that, with the Procurement Manager feature, SAP Starter Package enables traders to place automatic sales orders when the quantity of an item reaches a certain level.

SAP Starter Package minimises manual data entry

Most small trading companies try to run their businesses with a limited workforce. This is because optimal utilisation of manpower will decide their success. A trading business without any ERP like SAP Starter Package has to manually update data as and when there is a change in it. But with SAP Business One, business data is intrinsically connected with business operations. So when a sale or purchase happens, the business doesn’t need to enter the financial data manually. It gets updated automatically. 

For this same reason, trading businesses don’t suffer from redundant data, thanks to the Starter Package. Whenever data gets updated, it gets updated company-wide.

Starter Package lets traders create purchase order based on sales order

Not all traders have deep pockets. Some traders place the purchase order only when the sales order is confirmed to avoid unnecessary blockage of money. This is easily achievable in SAP Business One Starter Package. Since the sales module is connected with the purchase module, traders can create a purchase order based on the same data entered in the sales module.

Traders love Starter Package’s ability of superior inventory management

Optimal inventory management is one of the prerequisites of superior supply chain management. With SAP Starter Package, the inventory remains connected centrally with the business. With real-time inventory data, a trading business remains aware of the inventory levels all the time. As said earlier, any transaction- either sale or purchase- triggers automatic updation of inventory levels. Hence, traders don’t need huge manpower to manage inventory.

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Maintaining stock of items becomes easy too with this ERP software. Every time an item crosses the minimum threshold, the system will alert the user. Hence, businesses never suffer from stockouts. But that doesn’t mean Starter Package forces businesses to keep too many of the same items. Just like setting a minimum threshold, the Starter Package also allows businesses to set a maximum threshold for items.

Small traders particularly are benefiting from the affordable price of Starter Package

SAP Business One Starter Packages are specifically made keeping small traders in mind. That is why the price of this ERP is capped at Rs.3999 per user/month. So even though the ERP has all the functionalities that a small trading business needs, it remains within reach of these traders. Thanks to the low price, small trading businesses can now compete with their larger counterparts confidently.

The beauty of the Starter Package lies in the fact that this is an ERP that can be upgraded when a trading business grows. SAP Starter Package can be easily upgraded to the full-blown SAP Business One. This means that trading businesses won’t need to disrupt their operations to implement a new ERP system.

SAP Starter Package empowers trading businesses to remain focused on growing. All the operational tasks and data entry work is handled efficiently by this ERP. With intelligent reports and dashboards, businesses remain aware of their performance and keep on course-correcting to perform optimally. SAP Business One Starter package has been supporting the dream businesses of a lot of traders. Now it’s time for you to implement this awe-inspiring ERP software in your trading business.

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