3500 CR product engineering and digital services giant simplified contract lifecycle management (CLM) and master data management with Salesforce

3500 CR product engineering and digital services giant simplified contract lifecycle management (CLM) and master data management with Salesforce






INR 3500 CR

Company Overview

A global product engineering and digital services company that provides end-to-end solutions across the entire product value chain. Their comprehensive offerings encompass outsourced product engineering services, digital transformation services, upskilling solutions, and value-added reselling of essential software products for product development and realization. With headquarters in Pune, India, the company operates in over 27 countries with 11,000+ innovators committed to driving innovation and delivering exceptional results for clients worldwide.

Salesforce serves as the focal point of our marketing ecosystem, seamlessly bringing together customer and product data from various origins to create a comprehensive and unified perspective. We could do this with the help and guidance of UBSgigiCloud. Now, swifter and more precise decision-making has been made possible at our organization.


Before: Limitations in Salesforce migration and integrations and coordination with global users

  • The high-tech company was facing difficulties in migrating from MS Dynamics to Salesforce.
  • They were looking to integrate Salesforce with SAP, seamlessly, without causing major disruptions. 
  • Also, seeking integrations with IPMS (SAP base Integrated project management solution) and CLM (Contract lifecycle management). 
  • They required a system to facilitate coordination with over 300 users spread across 10+ countries. 

Why Salesforce & UBSdigiCloud?

  • Salesforce platform allows simple integrations with third-party platforms, so businesses can expand automation functionality as per their business requirements. 
  • UBSdigiCloud implemented master data management to consolidate customer data from various systems, resulting in a centralized customer contact and product master. 
  • We offered consultancy for marketing automation to get all customer data on one platform and streamline campaign as well as lead management. 

After: Single system for data management and accurate decision making

  • The implementation of SSO integration and MS AD integration by UBSdigiCloud enabled the high-tech IT company to make accurate decisions in a timely manner, reducing risks and improving overall efficiency.  
  • The new system provided a centralized and secure platform for accessing and managing customer data, resulting in improved data accuracy and faster decision-making. 

Efficiency gains

Full marketing process automation 

Fully digitalized campaign and lead management 

Aligned 100 users in 10+ countries 

Overall view of all data empowered global users with greater visibility and reduced time to value. 

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