Boost Sales and Marketing Endeavours with SAP Business One Starter Package

  • 25 August 2021
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Sales and Marketing

Most of us have lived through the ever-growing startup economy, but have you wondered what allows the select few to grow into unicorns or get on inspiring growth trajectories? The new-age startups have opened gates to new and innovative ways of doing business. The boom was enabled by the startups’ ability to identify unexplored markets and offer unique and feature-packed products or services accordingly. However, the other side of this story is the rise in costs – financial and time costs due to competition, increasing complexity of activities, and saturation of a local market leading to higher entry barriers. 

If you can relate to this situation well and are looking for an enterprise-ready solution to help you thrive amidst competition and boost your sales, SAP Business One Starter Package is the ERP to rely on. It is designed keeping in mind the needs and dynamism of startups and small businesses. 

Why Get SAP Business One Starter Package? – A Brief Overview

Seamless business process integration is the secret to the success of large businesses and multinationals. Their ability to manage global procurements, highly diversified operations, massive workforces, and importantly reach, serve and understand the customers comes with customized and advanced ERP. Thoughtfully designed ERP, SAP Business One Starter Package picks those features of the complex systems that can create the most impact for startups and micro small businesses. The package is built to include all business fundamentals – financial management, purchases and sales, CRM, human resources, project management, and other services. The Starter Package adjusts features to balance simplicity in usage and provide a contextual ‘big-picture’ to the users. 

Sales with SAP Business One Starter Package

While a new startup is unlikely to use sales management software, it quickly realizes the limitations of ad-hoc systems. It uses spreadsheets to track orders and uses freely available open access extensions and add-ons to get the things done. All these may fit the needs of startups that are ideating or testing their products. 

Once they enter the market with full force, they need to identify ways to integrate all aspects of sales at one point. The switching between applications and time spent waiting for extensions to work leads to frustration, distraction, and productivity loss. 

SAP Business One Starter Package provides the on-boarding ground for small businesses to get automated sales management systems in place, paving the way for business growth. The Package carefully considers the day-to-day sales management needs of small businesses and provides pre-loaded frameworks that are simple to use. 

Don’t let the word ‘simple’ doubt their effectiveness. These frameworks help startups organize their data of all activities – sales, within the system. All sales, purchases, invoices notes, delivery, returns, and payment details can be tracked for each order; the dynamism inherent in SAP makes real-time data available to the user. Unlike conventional data management systems, the sales dashboard of the Starter Package provides a one-look summary of all aspects of sales in convenient graphical forms. This is powerful in its ability to alert the user of any unusual activity or exciting patterns that data stored in tables cannot make apparent. 

Beyond Sales to Customer Analysis and Market Reach

Sales is only one part of the story of a business. Along with sales, attracting and retaining customers and assessing their behavior also generates internal data that directs strategies for operations and more. SAP Business One Starter Package is imbibed with the functionality to create reports on orders, do sales analysis, and monitor and analyze customer status. As startups have a penchant for market research to understand the acceptance of their products, this SAP product for small businesses becomes the platform for continued market observation and analysis. An integrated database for customer buying patterns, order history, details on order processing provide a lifecycle approach to customer management that gives you an upper hand while interacting with your customers. 

From understanding customers, sales and operations startups can quickly analyze their market reach by comparing themselves with industry statistics or independent research. Holistic databases in SAP Business One Starter Package allow you to generate unique insights by combining market research with internal, up-to-date data to make predictions and planning. 

So why wait? Built for small teams, SAP Business One Starter Package allows for 1 – 5 users. No team is too small to begin with the Starter Package if your business fundamentals are strong. The package  provides all the basic modules to upgrade and scale  to the standard edition of SAP Business One when you are no longer a “Starter”. 

Uneecops has implemented various SAP Business One Starter Package enabling businesses to confidently compete in the market space while charting a clear growth path. 

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