Design Your Business for Success with SAP Business ByDesign in the Post-Covid World

  • 24 May 2021
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With the onset of COVID-19 businesses across domains and scale saw disruption like never before. Enterprises, where digital transformation was already underway, sailed through easily versus those for whom digitization was still in a nascent stage. Irrespective of the digital maturity level of enterprises, one thing that remained common across all was – acceleration of digitization across functions. 

The pandemic is still ongoing and businesses continue to grapple with a lot of uncertainties. The need to move away from legacy systems towards application modernization has become a priority for businesses. But prior to investing in any digital transformation initiative, it is critical to get the foundation right.  This is where implementation of a intelligent ERP like SAP Business ByDesign becomes the first and foremost priority for enterprises to navigate through the uncertainties of a post-COVID world.

Business Imperative of SAP Business ByDesign in a Post-COVID World

Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, the major drivers of digitization in enterprises were – cost reduction and increased productivity. But in a post COVID world, the role of technology has evolved to:

  • Achieve resiliency – to steer navigate through uncertainties in consumer demand and business landscape with agility
  • Deliver profitability – Utilising technology for both top and bottom line, to support business growth and increase productivity

In a post-COVID world, several of the business challenges raised by the pandemic are tipping the scales toward speedier adoption of next-generation ERP systems like SAP Business ByDesign, here’s why:

Digital Supply Chains and Smart Manufacturing 

Need for real-time visibility to better manage supply chains and to course-correct in real-time.

Need for Digital Finance, Procurement, and HR Functions

Companies need advanced automation that relies on fewer manual workers and workers who can operate remotely with ease.

Consumer and Go-to-Market Trends

Companies need to use the huge amount of consumer data and use it to build customized services for consumers. Besides this, enterprises will also need to scale up (or down), innovate and implement changes at a much faster rate.

Digitally Advanced Platform

Need to digitally collaborate with existing suppliers, vendors, partners, etc. Communicating, managing, and monitoring vendors-partners in one unified and collaborative ecosystem has become critical.

Next-generation ERP platforms like SAP Business ByDesign can help companies address all these business challenges. Here’s how:

  • SAP Business ByDesign ERP solution has pre-built processes for everything be it finance, sales, product management, and purchasing on a single and unified solution.
  • It can connect every function across your company with proven best practices and in-depth analytics, enabling them to have visibility in real-time data and hence making an informed decision
  • It enables businesses to streamline business processes, improve economies of scale, gain full visibility and control of their business with time-tested best practices and in-depth analytics.

Invest in Intelligent ERP Now to Stay Competitive in the Post-COVID World 

A next-gen ERP solution like SAP Business ByDesign can unify various functions under one platform and give companies real-time transparency with respect to multiple functions like – sales, inventory, production, and financials, etc. Here’s how SAP Business ByDesign can help enterprises streamline every function – 

Financial Management –  SAP Business ByDesign can help finance teams streamline core accounting, manage cash, liquidity and get a real-time view of the enterprise’s financial situation.

Customer Relationship Management – SAP Business ByDesign can help enterprises seamlessly integrate from-office & back-office processes into one. It can also simplify the process of managing marketing, sales, and service processes like a pro.

Human Resources – With streamlined HR processes like –  organization management, workforce administration, time and attendance, etc. it can help enterprises improve HR efficiency.

Project Management – The best Cloud ERP can enable project teams to efficiently manage & deliver projects of any size & complexity across all functional areas. It can also help them to get real-time updates and project insights

Procurement – This intelligent cloud suite can help enterprises manage strategic sourcing, contract and procurement processes. It also helps in supplier base management and empowers employees with self-service procurement capabilities.

Supply Chain Management – SAP Business ByDesign can help enterprises speed up their time to market with product development, it can help to improve supply-demand matching with better supply planning, inventory/warehouse control, well-managed manufacturing practices.

Today and in a post-COVID world, ERP implementation has become the most important aspect for enterprises to stay smart and resilient. New-age ERP solutions like SAP Business ByDesign can help them integrate business processes, get real-time data in the context of various critical functions like sales, inventory, production. Etc. An Agile, flexible, and scalable ERP solution like SAP Business ByDesign is no longer a choice but has become a business prerequisite. 

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