Get Smart With: Google Assistant integration with SAP Business One

  • 28 February 2020
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Google Assistance ERP

Google Assistant is an amazing voice assistant system by Google which is used worldwide to ask various questions, set reminders, look up mails, get information on the global market or just about anything. It’s your own personal Google ready to help wherever you are and whenever you need it.  It makes life simpler and better. 

The best thing about Google Assistant is that almost everyone uses it without any cost. It does not demand any formal training. The system helps you to play your favorite playlist, get the latest news and helps you make a phone call effortlessly. 

Should you need to check your flight status, doctor appointment, find a coffee shop en route? You can do it all with this smart and next-gen voice assistant system.  Now as we know how useful and powerful Google Assistant is- just imagine the power it brings when clubbed with and integrated with SAP Business One.   

Benefitting C-suite professionals 

Whether you are attending an urgent meeting, unwinding or driving, you need the right information at the moment you want. Time is critical and we value it. We already have Siri or Alexa intelligent technologies in place to gain real-time answers on almost everything. But, do you have a single add-on that can integrate SAP Business One with Google Assistant? With the latest invention by Uneecops, it all seems easier. 

Siri and Alexa are incredibly fast when it comes to picking up the exact results from SAP Business One. Now instead of opening SAP Business One mobile app in your phone and diving into details, you just need to type ‘ OK Google’ Tell me, my top 5 customers, in Bangalore or any other region. It will display results in a fraction of time. It’s that Simple!!! Uneecops’ Google Assistant add-on displays information from SAP Business One incredibly faster and renders results from a massive number of files with no delays! It’s that exciting!!! 

Some of the common questions you can ask from this add-on are- 

  • Who are the top 5 customers? 
  • What about the current sales for today? 
  • What is my total vendor payable?
  • What is my open order value?
  • What is my current bank status?  

And many more…

The main essence of this specially designed add-on is to be informed of payment status, pending orders, order status, sales forecast, current sales, top vendor or current cash position. You can have all the vitals details handy.   

The benefits of Uneecops Google Assistant extend even more. It is a smart and enterprise-ready SAP B1 add-on that brings the next wave of agility and intelligence. Having this add-on will certainly simplify your life even more. With just a single click, you can ask the details about bills of materials, know the value of the stock, know which retail outlet is performing the best and so much more. 

Should you want to have a conversation as to what all benefit this add-on can render? Uneecops experts are just a call away. They will give you a real-life demonstration as to how this add-on works for your real life.

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