Why Engineering and Construction Leaders Need SAP Business ByDesign?

  • 21 October 2020
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SAP B1 Construction leader

The engineering and construction industry continues to grow at a faster pace. The industry has seen some major trends in customer demands and innovation which instates that businesses dealing with construction need to be agile and play smarter to the changing trends and expectations of customers. This, in turn, has given impetus to adopting cloud-based ERP such as SAP Business ByDesign to scale upwards and manage complex challenges like-

  • Site management
  • Tender and bid management 
  • Supplier and risk management
  • Tax management 
  • Raw material management
  • Contract and invoice management
  • Poor visibility into project profitability
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Project budget overruns
  • Resource Allocation & Planning
  • Gaining real-time information on the invoice and due payment and other vitals

Digital Investment- SAP Business ByDesign a primary focus 

More and more construction leaders are realizing the benefits of SAP Business ByDesign owing to its enterprise-level and cloud-based functionality. In this blog, we will talk about a few capabilities of SAP Business ByDesign for your fast-growing and dynamic business. 

Raw Materials Management 

Avoid any instances of overstock and understock situations. Leave aside legacy shell and keep track of everything on time. Track raw material to final products seamlessly. It is also easy to segregate material management to quantity planning, budgeting and storage, procurement scheduling and more. With high visibility and end-to-end inventory management, it becomes simpler for leaders to act smarter and be informed at all times.

Supply chain transparency

The supply chain in the construction business is often long, cumbersome and complex, which involves multiple parties such as architects, designers, laborers, wholesalers, retailers, subcontractors and other interested parties. Owing to the diverse nature of the business, there are multiple versions of documents involved. There could be possibilities of mismatch, mismanagement, errors, confusion and unwanted delays. One of the major perks of having this smart and advanced ERP is that it instantly updates the record of transactions. The software helps to authenticate and fabricates the layer of truth in your business. 

Sourcing and Procurement

Easily plan and forecast better with cloud-based ERP software. ERP standardizes, streamlines, and automates processes that are often residing in silos. It is tough to ignore the savings achieved by improving procurement operations.  

In-built BI

Render real-time visibility, reports, and dashboards that prompt quick decisions on the move. Easy to view project schedules and costs anytime, anywhere. In-built BI facilitates construction leaders to keep a tab on their business whereabouts at just about any time. 

Given the potential win-win for construction and engineering firms, there is no reason to delay the journey towards digitization and embrace this cloud-based ERP meant for mid-size businesses. The smartest leaders are transforming their business models and bringing agility, visibility and transparency in their business. 

Let’s Talk

Let’s meet you in person to take you through the SAP Business ByDesign demo that will help you understand how this smart ERP can manage multi-requirements of your business with ease.  

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