Intelligent, Innovative and Integrated: Uneecops Power Packed Solution for Fast-Growing Businesses

2 February 2022 5 MIN READ 1

Uneecops offers SAP Business ByDesign Starter Package (QPPS) that helps businesses build a strong foundation for their digital transformation journey. Read on as to how Uneecops Power-Packed Solution for Fast-Growing Businesses is delivering on its promise, helping businesses run better and making their life simpler.

Is the software you seek to manage your midsize business too expensive or comprehensive to really implement? Wonder if your business can be more resilient, operate more efficiently and grow while you innovate?

Uneecops introduces a cutting-edge solution that offers 360-degree business visibility along with being the competitive edge you need to succeed. Our SAP Business ByDesign Starter Package Solution is now the name of the game for all fast-growing businesses of the 21st century. With predefined price and scope, this customized package is all you need to turn your growth potential into real results.

SAP Partner Package Solutions harness the three ‘I’s’ to automate and grow your company: INTELLIGENT, INNOVATIVE and INTEGRATED. SAP Qualified Package Solutions has opened new doors for businesses and brought innovation like no other ERP. As a low-risk, simplified way to add value, partner-packaged solutions are the perfect roadmap to expand the business operations.

To Know More About,

SAP BYD Qualified Partner-Packaged Solutions.

Let us explore in detail the QPPS features and benefits for businesses:

All-in-One Integrated, Affordable and Enterprise-Ready Solution!

Businesses increasingly need solutions that solve their specific problems within a fixed scope and fixed price. When you want to quickly unlock the power of cloud analytics to provide real-time insights into your organization, take advantage of SAP Business ByDesign Package Solution’s capabilities. SAP Business ByDesign Package Solutions connect every function across your company to time-tested best practices and in-depth analytics. You’ll get the foundation to scale and compete without the complexity and cost, so your business can grow in every possible way.

Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) helps enterprises unify all core functions in an end-to-end business suite as an SAP Business ByDesign partner. Our SAP Business ByDesign Starter Package helps fast-growing businesses to quickly adapt to changes and always keep moving forward. We help you with implementation, migration, cloud hosting, training and support services. Our implementation approach is proven to reduce costs and make the power-packed solution superbly affordable for businesses.

Remember, no surprises and no extra costs!

Unlock a broader portfolio of ERP capabilities and partner with Uneecops Business Solutions to gain greater growth opportunities.

The Uneecops Qualified Power-Packed Solution (QPPS) has-

  • All Modules Covered from-
    • Financial & Management Accounting
    • Supplier Relationship Management
    • Strategic Sourcing
    • Supplier Return Management
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Order-to-Cash (Stock)
    • HR Management nd more
  • Seamless e-commerce integration, barcode integration, GST filing integration, e-way bills and bank integration
  • Minimal audit and compliance time with enhanced traceability
  • Rapid Implementation – 6 weeks + 4 weeks of go-live support and you are all set to manage your entire business on a single cloud ERP solution!
  • Price starts from Rs 19,999 per user/month (Licenses : 10 -2 Advance & 8 Core Users). Prices are subject to applicable taxes, business specifications, subscription time and more.

Uneecops is Asia’s #1 SAP B1 partner and India’s first Platinum SAP B1 partner. We have been awarded SAP awards for 10 consecutive years, SAP Business One Partner of the year, APJ for three consecutive years (2018, 2019 & 2020) and have become the SAP No.1 MVAR for the Indian region. This validates our positioning as one of the largest and most trusted SAP partners in India. If you are curious about SAP Business ByDesign Starter Package pricing, features or benefits, get in touch with our SAP Business ByDesign experts today.

Reduced TCO, High Speed & Innovation

SAP BYD makes it real.

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