ERP For Car Rental

Improve customer serviceability with real-time tracking

Uncover new business opportunities and address some of the most typical challenges of the car rental industry with Uneecops industry solutions powered by SAP Business One.

Find out how Uneecops is enabling car rental companies to improve customer serviceability, and provide real-time actionable insights without burdening existing manpower with software complexity.

Features of Car Rental Industry Solution

Together with SAP Business One that helps car rental companies to reinvent their business models.

Cab Registration

Easy to maintain cab as a fixed asset in the organization and capture the details of the cab.

Cab Allocation

Now it’s easier to allocate cab to drivers and perform a checklist of cars before allocation. It also maintains subscription date and performs vital cab allocation functions.

Fixed Asset Management

Track details of each fixed asset (Cab) and ensure control and prevent misappropriation of assets. Keep a track of the fixed assets that are not under the direct control of the company including owned and leased assets, assets under maintenance, and/or imported assets.

Invoicing Management

Effortlessly raise an invoice with the system and record/tracking of activities, regular booking, Daily Subscription Duty (DSD), CSM and other invoice activities for a different purpose.

Driver Registration

Check HR formalities for the driver, guarantor and provide training to the driver with feedback collection. Perform Police / Third Party Verification details and exercise security management.

Payment Collection Module

Send a real-time alert to cab owners to collect payment through RFID integration. Help an organization to manage their whole payment and collection process.

Cab Compliance Register

Track regulatory compliance by maintaining cab compliance register. Analyse dynamic reports and legal compliance report and receive alerts on non-compliance.

Finance Management

Drive profitable growth and ensure compliance with finance integrated module. Streamline your core finance operations such as incoming and outgoing payment management, customer aging, valuation, revenue and expense statement, cab based P/L statement and collection report.

Cab Maintenance Module

Lets you manage and maintain car maintenance, manage and monitor cab based expense, create job card Internal & external and post expenses directly to SAP system for reconciliation.

Commission Schemes

Provide multiple options for managing payments as per the commission plan allotted such as individual schemes, slab based commission schemes, corporate schemes and flat commission schemes.

Industry Challenges

The competitive landscape of car rental is changing dramatically. Global rental players are driving a trend where customer centricity is the main focus. This trend brings with its own set of challenges such as tracking details of each fixed asset, preventing misappropriation of assets, keeping a track of the correct value of assets, managing and monitoring cab based expense of assets including owned and leased assets, assets under maintenance, and/or imported assets.

This call for the car rental players to evaluate their business models in this phase of upheaval and digital transformation.

In an industry driven by optimization, resource allocation, and time sensitivity, it is imperative to have an automated system that operates in real-time, with a fully functional alert system that delivers actionable information at an opportune time.

Here’s how we do it;

With this Uneecops powered car rental solution, organizations can utilize the power of SAP Business One to realize incredible improvements in their operational efficiency, profit margins, and customer serviceability.

The solution presents a complete registration module that takes care of vehicle and driver registration and inclusion in the system. This software automatically syncs the new driver vehicle combo with the fleet management system and performs reconciliation of available cabs.

Offering complete financial management under a single hood, the solution takes care of billing, consolidated invoicing, vendor payments, and cab maintenance charges through a single module.

The solution takes care of allotment and release of cab resources, depending on customer bookings. The system sends real-time information to the backend and keeps the resource pool updated with triggered updates.

Real-time tracking system keeps an eye on resource utilization, which ultimately helps car rental and radio taxi firms in gauging the availability of their cars, thus improving customer serviceability. Further, the enterprise-ready ERP Software such as SAP Business One helps organizations overcome a major financial hurdle by streamlining vendor, driver, and customer payments, all through a central system that keeps track of all transactions.

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