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30 June 2022 5 MIN READ

In recent times, the need for organizations to have greater insight into their daily operations has become paramount. Real-time data analysis is needed to react to rapid changes in supply chain and customer demand. To achieve this insight, organizations need to bring data from multiple systems into a single source of business truth. This requires the integration of systems across the organization, and digital transformation of the business to free up resources and engage them into more critical tasks. Also with changing market requirements and customer expectations, organizations should consider the deployment or architecture of modern-age solutions which enable them to access insights and analysis on-the-go with just a click of a button.  

The cost-effective Cloud ERP Software offers the functionality and platform that organizations need to meet new customer expectations with pre-built processes to manage multiple departments of a business effectively and provides real-time analysis of data, allowing the owners to make prompt business decisions. SAP Business ByDesign is one such modern-age, intelligent, and Cloud-based ERP for fast-growing businesses that offers the complete suite-in-a-box applications to manage your end-to-end  business processes including Finance and accounting, Inventory and stock management, purchase and sales, CRM and reporting with in-built data analysis. All this without the hassles of IT, hardware, and maintenance as it’s a Cloud-based ERP.

Reduced TCO, High Speed & Innovation

SAP BYD makes it real.

Let’s take a deeper look at the features of SAP Business ByDesign to understand better how SAP Business ByDesign helps you take your business to the next level digitally.

How Does SAP Business ByDesign Streamline Your Business Processes?

SAP Business ByDesign automates the day-to-day operations in a business and integrates data from each department into one platform while offering in-depth, actionable analytics. The real-time visibility that the software provides, enhances the efficiency of each department in the following way-

  • Finance: Manages accounting across the board and provides one-click visibility of the business’s cash position by tracking supplier and customer-level transactions.
  • CRM: It enables the user to better understand the customer behavior and automates the marketing campaigns based on accumulated personalized information while directing the sales and service processes.
  • Human Resource Management: Streamlines HR processes, including hiring, attendance, organization management, payouts, leave management and approvals, etc.
  • Project Management: Maintains basic to advanced level projects with ease and provides accurate data in just one click.
  • Procurement: Saves time and money, making the process hassle-free with a centralized platform for every piece of information and data.
  • Supply Chain Management: Gives a real-time reflection of the demand-supply scenario. It pulls inventory-level data and alerts the Manufacturing unit(s) to be ready to meet the increased demand or notifies them to slow down when the demand is low.

Above are just snapshots of what SAP Business ByDesign can do to a business; there are many other finer attributes that can help growing businesses gain full visibility of their businesses. 

SAP Business ByDesign Implementation Is Hassle-free

Implementing SAP Business ByDesign ERP in your business is a lot easier and seamless than expected if done with the help of an experienced SAP Partner, like Uneecops Business Solutions – SAP Platinum Partner.  SAP Business ByDesign can be incorporated into an existing system in just four phases:

  • Prepare Phase: Analyzing the business objectives and goals while ensuring that security and infrastructure prerequisites align well enough.
  • Realize Phase: The software system is installed based on the business requirements; if required, SAP Business ByDesign is customized.
  • Verify Phase: In this phase, the business gets the green signal to shift from the existing management process to the advanced Cloud ERP Software ecosystem.   
  • Launch Phase: This phase depicts the successful implementation and utilization of the solution.

Customization for a Competitive Edge

Every business has its distinctive operation processes; hence, its software needs are also very specific. Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) being a trusted SAP Platinum Partner understands these needs of businesses from various industries and combines its deep expertise to deliver customized SAP Business ByDesign ERP software with the flexibility to enhance its performance using add-ons. UBS analyzes the uniqueness of the business thoroughly during the Prepare Phase and, accordingly, customizes the software to enable perfect automation.

SAP Has A Cost-Effective, Billing & Finance Solution As Well- The SAP Business ByDesign Starter Package!

Not only small and midsize enterprises but micro-enterprises and startups, too, have their own set of challenges. In fact, they have more challenges in terms of resources and budget alongside an insatiable hunger for growth. To meet their specific needs, SAP offers SAP Business ByDesign Starter Package, a versatile ERP software with scalable features exclusively offered by Uneecops Business Solutions. By implementing this software solution, startups and micro-enterprises can automate their business processes while optimizing their time, cost, and ROI effectively.

Uneecops Business Solutions, the #1 SAP solution provider in India, assists you in taking your business to greater heights by seamlessly automating your everyday business processes using the most versatile Cloud-based ERP software. So, turn your business onto your fingertips with SAP ByDesign and never look back again!

Talk to Uneecops Business Solutions experts today to book a free personalized live demo for SAP Business ByDesign and see your business in an evolved landscape!

Reduced TCO, High Speed & Innovation

SAP BYD makes it real.

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