• 20 March 2014
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ERPEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is used mostly in the context of professional/technical organizations and companies. ERP has proved itself time and again when it comes to being a part of an official set-up. But there is one more field where ERP is slowly gaining popularity, and that is in the education sector. The world of education is changing at crazy pace and so is the role of technology in it. Technology is becoming increasing important for streamlining the day to day operations of the various educational institutes. To say that Educational ERP is the backbone of a majority of the successful institutes won’t be an exaggeration. Apart from easing the work-load and making the system productive, educational ERP improves accountability, reputation and communication within and outside the institute. The capital of the country is abode to a ton of educational institutes, and slowly they are becoming one of the largest consumers of this ERP software in Delhi.

The Education Management Software helps in managing student administration, fee structure and management, batches, lectures, timetable, managing various courses, attendance of the students, examinations, results, assignments, Human resource management, college expenses, inventory etc. The Education ERP software is web-based and this method of computing not only helps save time but also helps save money and infrastructure. It is really user-friendly and can be customized according the needs of that institute. It has a complete set of all the modules and features that any educational institute would need. It has a flexible scheduling system that manages most of the functionalities of the institutes. This ERP software can manage most of the complex functions and connects the faculty (teachers, administration, staff), students and the parents together.  One can get customized software solutions that manage complete administrative and academic requests in real time.

The software will vary from those required in schools, colleges and coaching institutes. This program is specially designed to train teachers on technology and business management practices so that they can reflect the same concepts in their respective courses. It enables the teachers to study real cases of implementation of an ERP in enterprises and hone their management skills. This in turn opens up various possibilities for students to learn the same through their teachers. The Education ERP lets you do the following things:

  • Automate admissions by eliminating manual and traditional processes. It saves significant time of both the staff and the students who are applying by letting them apply online through a self-service portal
  • Through this, the students can enroll, register, and pay for their courses.
  • The record management system gets simplified. Maintaining the data of each and every student can be a complicated process. But with software, a single digital record for each student of every department on campus can be maintained with ease and the information can be accessed whenever required.
  • The funds for various departments and for the inventory can be managed with more transparency.  This proves to be extremely beneficial as money matters can never go haywire.
  • You can maintain and track the day to day operations that need to be done, manage the various reports and keep everyone engaged.
  • The communication between the staff, teachers and students is smooth due to this platform. The exchange of information between them is made easier.
  • It also keeps the parents up to date with their ward’s progress in school/college.
  • The salary generation is made simpler and accurate.
  • The examination management system and the attendance log is automated.

These are some of the features of the education ERP system and they reflect how beneficial this software is to the education sector and undoubtedly this is one of the most popularly used ERP software in Delhi.  Many a ERP Software Company in Delhi that specializes in designing this software. It is advisable that more and more educational institutes adopt this software and significantly reduce their complicated procedures. The primary aim is to make learning fun. So, let’s make that possible. Soon.

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