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SAP Business One for Automotive Industry

Manage your key business challenges with ERP for Automotive Industry

Material Resource Planning (MRP)

Gain a comprehensive view of your inventory across your warehouses in multiple geographies. Know exactly the stock locations item-wise and dispatch. Fix and revisit your re-order levels.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS)

Stay on time and on- schedule with this feature. Ensures an appropriate balance between raw materials and the production processes. Easily view capacity allocations, bills of materials, batch group and plan the next course of action.

Batch Control and Traceability

Gain a comprehensive view of your spare parts and all products at multiple geographies. Avoid overstock and underneath stocking with batch control and traceability.

Human Resource Management

Reduce time spent on administrative work and streamline everything from employee contact information, performance evaluation, working hours and duties and so on.

Contact Management

Record necessary contact information and carries all the inquiries, client information, and other details in a single place. Thus, no chance of missing leads or opportunities.

Loyalty Management

Keep a tab on your loyal customers. Easily set up additional discounts and interesting offers for select few customers. This feature fosters healthy customer relationships.

Order Management

A centralized place to manage order status, on-time deliveries and meet customer expectations by efficiently managing product returns and exchanges.

Account Management

Replace manual journal entries with a smart and enterprise-ready accounting system. Reduce accounting errors, comply with changing tax laws and keep track of all assets and liabilities.

Freight Management

Acts as a point solution to manage freight and track any additional expenses. Automate the end to end process of the freight and ensure zero paper and error is involved.

Supplier Management

Effortlessly track of supplier contract quantities, consignment information, and stock quantities. Take better procurement decisions and track delivery better with ERP software automotive.

Cost Management

Easily calculate costs by items, work orders, and batches. Keep a check on all expenses and check profits and losses per product line.

Labor capacity planning

Easy to measure standard labor hours against the required hours to meet your schedule by week, day or shift, based on work orders and labor schedule. Calculate available labor by category and qualifications.

Industry Challenges

Automotive manufacturers and suppliers are confronted with increasing challenges such as price and regulatory pressures, increased customer expectations, massive upheavals in demand due to demographic changes, increased number of products and options, shorter manufacturing cycles, and increasing pressure to complex with the law and government regulations.

At the same time, they need to balance and meet the needs and demands of customers, regulators, suppliers and the public. The tough competition invites efficiency and the need of mandatory digitization. So, to move in the fast-moving world, it pays to invest in robust and enterprise-ready software such as ERP software for the automotive industry.

Here’s how we do it;

It’s possible to cope with demand volatility and shorter product lifecycle and add words like value, quality, and substance in everything. That means investing in a robust ERP like sap business one for the automotive industry. Many leading companies have already invested in SAP Business One and have partnered with Uneecops as their SAP Business One implementation partner.

After analyzing your business needs and challenges, our SAP Business One experts perform a detailed assessment of your business and prepare a roadmap. Using agile methodologies and proven industry standards, we design a solution that forms the backbone of SAP Business One implementation.

Further focusing on giving you the best, our team detail you the benefits of having an SAP Business One in your automobile industry. We will provide a quick glance as how having a smart ERP can solve all your operational and technical challenges.

We also go one step ahead and propose any possible add-ons which can suit your current business models. SAP Business One add-ons like Wts app integration and Google integration can make your life easier by providing on the fly information whenever you need it.

It is a little surprise that SAP Business One software is rendering real business value to the automotive business. SAP Business One gives unprecedented insights to your automotive business which helps you scale your business faster.

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