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With more data available from disparate sources and streams, businesses need a better way to synthesize meaning from it. Telling a story with interactive charts, heat maps, histograms, cartograms, scatter plots, and infographics can be a competitive differentiator. It quickly guides business leaders to identify and mitigate risks as well as uncover valuable opportunities just by a glance.

Our BI experts understand that human minds can process and grasp visual information more easily than data in reports. We help all fast-growing organizations to convey their complex concepts and identify new patterns in data seamlessly. Our data visualization software experts help you to present your story in a “short-attention-span” world in the simplest way possible.

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Our Tableau software experts start by analyzing business processes and interview all business leaders to understand their goals, performance indicators and expectations to help them depict the enterprise story.


During the creation process, our Tableau tool experts team uses robust visualization techniques and experience to reflect the true enterprise story via maps, charts or any other visual formats.


Our tableau data visualization team understands the importance of user design which is critical to achieving stunning visuals. To provide the impactful visualization, we take into account all the elements of the user design.


Our Tableau experts give you formal training so that you can simplify and synthesize complex data through dynamic and descriptive visualizations so it is easier to showcase to line managers and executives.

Data Visualization Software for Every Industry Vertical

The trend toward visualizing your data with Tableau dashboards is worth exploring by every entity in every industry that seeks to achieve deeper, faster and meaningful insights that can strengthen decision making. We help 18+ industry verticals transform the way they use data to solve their unique business hurdles and gain actionable insights.

  • Retail

    Many of our retail clients have been using our Tableau data visualization services to understand their customer buying behavior, perform purchase analysis, know unique visitors, product quantity sold and know average abandoned value. They are also using Tableau software to perform visitor analysis, know average sales value, sales conversion rates and much more.

  • Manufacturing

    Leading manufacturing firms seek the best Tableau tool to perform production analysis, analyze root causes, spot sales opportunities, win rate analysis, sales projection, point of sale actuals over time, monitor open orders and inventory levels, and to gain multi-level visibility into supplier quality, cost and resolve issues in real time.

  • Pharma

    Uncover valuable insights from our data visualization software. Gain real time-visibility over current stock, negotiate better with vendors, manage different business functions and improve collaboration between manufacturing, sales and distribution. Our Tableau software experts enable Pharma companies to improve the speed of decision making, perform root cause analysis, control expiration rates and augment the quality of care.

  • Banking

    Banks and leading financial institutions can use our data visualization software to gain insights on sales performance, profitability attribution, branch performance and more. Banks can also strengthen their risk management by performing spatial analysis, margin analysis, delinquency analysis, loan product category, loan portfolio performance, loan status, credit pipeline forecasting and trend analysis

  • High-Tech

    With fast performance and intuitive data visualizations software, understand high volumes of data in minutes. Easily understand product trends, perform ad-hoc analysis, plan product release, level up the performance of all departments, and discover hidden insights in your data. Jumpstart your analysis with actionable data and better understand project status, costs and profitability of your different departments.

  • Education

    Perform a detailed analysis of your education business and gain 360-degree visibility anytime, anywhere. From admissions to examinations; training to payroll management, manage all aspects seamlessly with a single click. The Tableau data visualization software also renders real-time visibility and enables all educators, key members and stakeholders to keep a track of fee, exams, finance, staff, assets, and other facets of the business.

  • Food & Beverage

    Predict extreme spike in demand, monitor waste management, identify product availability, and manage end to end supply chain. Visualize your data than never before. Identify issues across stores, maximize return, ensure customer loyalty, and make profitable decisions daily with our data visualization services. Test drive the Tableau tool and see the immersive power of F&B business yourself.

Location-based Analysis

Uneecops helps you achieve measurable business value from our custom-geo analysis report which uses location-based data and helps you make better location-related decisions. Our Tableau software experts help you to get to the “where” and “why” with on-the-fly location lookup capabilities. Our Tableau data visualization experts also help you quickly analyze your geospatial data in your dashboards.

See your business data in a
whole new light with Mobile BI

Being able to gain critical business insights on the go is key to making better decisions. We facilitate business users to gain a complete and 360 view of your organization on their fingertips with Mobile BI functionality. Optimized for touch, our Tableau software experts help you select, filter, zoom, scroll and drill down with a tap of a finger.

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  • One-click storytelling and automated discovery
  • Make more informed, faster decisions wherever you are
  • Gain access to data whether or not you're connected to your network
  • Optimized for whatever device you're using

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Data Visualization: Frequently asked questions

Data visualization is the graphical representation to present data in a more interesting way. Our eyes are immediately drawn to colors and data visualization symbolizes visual art that grabs our attention. We comprehend data better when we see pictures rather than a number of rows and columns. While visualization data in Tableau, we can ask pertinent questions like “ Why are my sales declining in a particular region?” “ What is fostering growth” and “Where do I need to stop to improve profitability.? ”

The main goal of data visualization is to enable business users to analyze trillions of row of data in a matter of minutes. Data visualizations help all users especially business leaders to understand data in a never-imaginable way. It makes data easier to absorb and removes the chaos from data depicting useful information precisely. Millions of rows of data can be boring to capture any attention or make a powerful statement. Tableau conveys information by combining great analysis with great storytelling.

Tableau helps examine trends, outliers and helps you understand patterns in data. It helps analyze massive amounts of data and make informed decisions faster. If you have ever looked at a massive excel sheet, you would know how intricate is to analyze a trend. Thanks to Tableau data visualization analysis and storytelling and exploration are just a walk away now! Tableau data visualization helps business leaders by influencing their thoughts and actions to make informed decisions at critical points.

Data visualization brings data to life revealing hidden insights while translating millions of data and rows into impact. When you choose the right data visualization tool like Tableau, it illuminates insights and helps you make smarter decisions and the best outcome for your business. Further, data visualization is helpful when for data analytics because it is an excellent means for users to present data to non-technical audiences with ease and without any confusion.

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