Discrete manufacturing

Digitize manufacturing
processes with smart &
intelligent cloud-based ERP

Manufacturers globally are rebooting their approach to improve operational visibility with near real-time information while maintaining productivity, margin, and meeting the evolving demands of fast-growing, mid-market businesses. Worldwide, manufacturers are using SAP Business ByDesign to deliver positive outcomes related to cost management, dealing with market uncertainties and adapting in a world of fast-paced changes.

Unlike traditional ERP, SAP Business ByDesign provides unprecedented flexibility to discrete manufacturers to deliver the desired outcome without thinking about perpetual software licenses, frequent updates, innovation, larger servers and high-cost maintenance. Uneecops as your SAP Business ByDesign partner helps all leading manufacturing firms to run their growing business on the most trusted, secure and smart cloud-based ERP software in India.

Trusted ERP software for
Medium & Large Enterprises

Tens of thousands of mid-sized businesses across the globe manage their discrete manufacturing business worth billions of dollars on SAP Business ByDesign. Uneecops is enabling medium and large enterprises in India to scale their growing business with the smart ERP custom-built for medium and large scale discrete manufacturers.

Why SAP Business ByDesign for
Discrete Manufacturing?

Meet your industry challenges with SAP Business ByDesign

Supply Chain Management

Speed up time to market.Gain a clear view of your supply chain and streamline your activities. Manage expired identified stock in inbound and outbound processes.

Warehouse and Logistics

Manage inventory across multiple warehouses and get up-to-date inventory valuation with cost and quantity. Confirm count task from Microsoft Excel and check on Negative In-Transit Stock. Keep a tab on replenishment and physical inventory with smart ERP.

Demand Management

Stay informed about customer demand, customer contracts, project demands, order sourcing, order scheduling, demand planning and forecast consumption.

Production Execution

Monitor release production proposal, create production requests, confirm production tasks and close production Lot. Keep a track of mass order release run MDRO, mass order creation run, and automated close of production Lot.

Manage BOMs

Effortlessly create and manage bills of materials (BOMs) or view and manage BOMs that have been transferred to the SAP Cloud. The cloud-based ERP helps to create, edit, and validate a formula for a BOM component. It also facilitates you to enter custom data values and find a BOM according to search criteria and filters.

Recipe management

Keep a record of master recipes, containing production information, and order-specific recipes needed for execution. Get the required BOM, recipe, and material combination needed for enrichment options. View recipe details such as name, version, date and time of creation, and description in the recipe details panel in SAP Business ByDesign.

Manage Work Instructions/Shifts

Easy to define work instruction records according to search criteria and filters. Add multiple types of work instruction elements to single work instruction. Define days of the week in the shift (all Mondays, all Saturdays). Specifies the days on which a product can be manufactured at a plant.

View Product Genealogy

Get status and record of each component - quantity already assembled versus quantity required. View product history and drill down to the details of each component during the production process, such as temperature, pressure, and so on.

Measure equipment effectiveness

Obtain metrics that enable you to measure the availability and performance of equipment and the quality of goods produced by that equipment. Cloud-based ERP allows you to measure manufacturing performance both in real-time and historically.

Actual costs and estimates

Easily calculate profit margins with inbuilt functionality in SAP Business ByDesign for manufacturing. Inbuilt business intelligence tool in this ERP facilitates the predictions on costs and profits

Quality control

It’s easy to monitor the quality based on international standards. You can apply predictive algorithms that can reduce losses from defects, deficiencies or variations, and recommend corrective actions.

Built-in real time analytics

Built-in, real-time analytics with more than 500 standard reports, dozens of prebuilt KPIs, and Microsoft Excel integration helps you keep a close eye on manufacturing business.

Global Footprint and Scalability

Expand your manufacturing business to international markets without any barriers. Deployed in 144 countries, available in 12 languages, localized for more than 50 countries, ByDesign supports your business expansion and helps you scale from 20 to 10,000 users as your needs evolve

Our SAP Business ByDesign Service Offerings

Expand your manufacturing business to international markets without any barriers. Deployed in 144 countries, available in 12 languages, localized for more than 50 countries, ByDesign supports your business expansion and helps you scale from 20 to 10,000 users as your needs evolve


Our SAP Business By Design implementation is structured into vital phases which ensures that the solution will be delivered on time and will meet all the agreed requirements.


We customize SAP Business ByDesign software to match the exact needs of your discrete manufacturing business.


Uneecops offers robust support, consistent training, upgradation and dedicated support to ensure a smooth transition to SAP Business ByDesign.

Managed Services

We offer end-to-end services for Disaster recovery, Server management, Higher availability and security.


Seamless migrate from legacy software or any newer SAP versions. We can help you migrate to this cloud ERP with no major disruption.

Cloud Hosting services

Uneecops Cloud™ is an innovative cloud hosting service custom built to meet the needs of SAP Business ByDesign customers.

Why Uneecops?

Uneecops helps to solve a broader set of business challenges with SAP Business ByDesign. We offer tailor-made solutions for your discrete manufacturing business across segments including industrial manufacturing, aerospace and defense, medical devices, and high-tech. We have industry-domain expertise, standardized tools and templates that expedite SAP Business ByDesign implementation process.

  • 24x7 Dedicated Support
  • 1800+ Customers
  • Certified SAP & Azure Engineers
  • 150+ certified professionals
  • Industry-specific solution
  • Managed services for IT & infra

Uneecops is your trusted
SAP Business ByDesign Partner

We’re honored to be recognized by SAP that bears testimony to our pursuit of excellence.

  • SAP Business One Partner of the year (India Region) 2021
  • SAP Business One Impact Partner of the year 2020 - North
  • SAP Business One Partner of the year 2020
  • SAP Pinnacle Award ERP Partner of the year 2020
  • SAP Business One Distinguished Partner of the year (APJ Region) 2021
  • SAP Business ByDesign Impact Partner of the year (India Region) 2021

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